Video: Amazon Prime packages left out in the open in Pennsylvania neighborhood

CARNEGIE (KDKA) — A delivery snafu with the U.S. Postal Service this weekend had one neighborhood confused as to what happened with their packages and when they saw where the boxes were, some got pretty irritated.

The townhouses have their mailboxes grouped in two locations, so when people saw at least a dozen packages laying out in the open this weekend, it raised some concerns.

Kaitlin Clark said, “I just saw that there were a bunch of packages lined up underneath the mailboxes here. I was surprised that they would do that because it can be stolen.”

Many of the packages are from Amazon Prime, which guarantees one-day shipping.

Typically the boxes arrive at the customers door, so seeing them underneath the mailboxes set off some alarms.

Some connected to the homeowners association were angered and took pictures wanting to file a formal complaint with the Post Office and Amazon.

The Greentree Post Office is responsible for the deliveries made to the Carnegie neighborhood.

Source: Carnegie Residents Mad After Packages Left Out « CBS Pittsburgh

  • A carrier

    Sunday delivery should be opened up to full time regulars, who know the routes. Don’t drop the ball and lose the Amazon contract. NALC fight for these hours to go to FTR’s as well as cca’s.

  • ted

    We lose Amazon and the Post office is finished. Why don’t these morons in management understand this?

  • IIlIIl111

    Sounds like some newbies (CCA’s) on the job again………………..

  • Terry

    In Boerne, TX, the Postmaster instructed us to leave on top of CBU’s. We said we could not, because it was not considered a secure location. She instructed that they have in writing from Amazon to leave packages on top of CBU’s. Totally against USPS Policy.

  • Wisconsin Carrier

    Knowing the routes will not necessarily make you better on “Amazon Sundays”. You get a print out of every address and turn by turn directions. Its just a lazy a** carrier! Also Sundays most definitely should NOT be offered to regulars! As you should know you have to be an RCA or a CCA before you become regular and that can take awhile. Sub’s have family’s to take care of as well. Keep the hours for the sub’s.

  • A carrier

    Let’s agree to disagree on this subject. I would like to see more FULL TIME positions created out of the work we have available, not just hire more non career workers. The hours are there for an eight hour day, that should be FTR work. Would you like to see the cap on the number of ccas hired raised or would you rather they become career? I choose career. And yes I am well aware that it takes awhile to make career.

  • Killa Kowalski

    Just another normal day at the Tree.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Local union officials need to demand that the PM supply you with copies of the instructions from Amazon….otherwise the PM is full of sh#^

  • eri

    fucking runners

  • BigBob

    One thing that USPS managers are probably told on a daily basis: “You do NOT want to upset Amazon”
    So what happens is a few idiot supervisors send out a CCA on his/her first day on the job with a truckload of Amazon parcels……