Top stories of the week August 23-29

The ten most read articles last week:

  1. 52 USPS.GOV email addresses found in Ashley Madison data dump 1 Comment
  2. Video: Lessons learned from mail carrier’s tragic death
    WPSD TV Paducah KY Comment
  3. Jack Potter made more (from the USPS) than you did last year Comment
  4. USPS reverses decision on SPSS craft assignment- takes the work from mail handlers, gives it to APWU Comment
  5. Five postal inspector email addresses found in Ashley Madison database Comment
  6. Video: Postal Service admits error in leaving bins full of mail unattended in lobby
    WFTS TV Tampa Comment
  7. New sorting equipment exceeds expectations
    USPS News Link Comment
  8. New ‘Self+1′ FEHB option available to employees this year Comment
  9. What do those four charts really prove about USPS finances? 1 Comment
  10. Video: How Amazon got the USPS to deliver on Sunday |
    Bloomberg Comment