Chrysler wins contract for USPS Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles

The US Postal Service announced last week that it had awarded a $257 million contract for nine thousand “Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles” to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

The vehicles involved in this award are left hand drive, and have a larger payload capacity (2,000 lb) than the proposed LLV replacement vehicles (1,500 lb). They are two wheel drive, and will have standard air conditioning and a rear vision camera and monitor system.

Source: Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities

  • Michael Thielke

    unless those are replacements for the collection vehicles.

  • Michael Thielke

    why cant i make a comment or like on facebook acct.

  • pete

    so thats about 28k each…could have been worse

  • karen dyda

    wonder if our office will see these vehicles?

  • Paul

    If they are left hand drive, they are not replacements for the LLV. Also, interesting that Fiat-Chrysler, a foreign company, is getting a $257 million contract. Guess there are no American automotive companies that could make this vehicle.

  • John Wilson

    I remember when they helped bail out Chrysler by purchasing the K Car station wagons.

  • Heather

    FCA still builds in the United states just like gm and ford build cars out of country too.

  • Poor Richard

    LOL! The first things that will have to go or will be immediately disconnected will be that “standard air conditioner” and the radio.

  • Paul

    I never said FCA didn’t build cars and trucks in America, I said FCA was a foreign company. It would be great if we could direct our vehicle dollars to an American company.

  • not retiring yet

    They, left hand drive, sound like Parcel delivery vehicles. AND there is no such thing as a totally purely American made vehicle. Part/ assembly or other things either from another country or partially built in another country. So, I guess be happy with new vehicles.

  • Nick Kaczmarek

    So, then they are not a replacement for the current llvs, being as they are not right hand drive

  • Padre

    This is the first step to eliminating house to house mounted routes. Cluster boxes ,here we come!

  • Jen

    TWO wheel drive?! Seriously?

  • Jen

    Left hand drive? Hmmmm…..

  • postalnews

    I think some readers may have missed the fact that these vehicles are not designed to replace the LLV- there is a separate solicitation going on currently for right hand drive vehicles to replace LLVs.

  • Poor Richard

    Could be they had to include them in the bid because the “standard air conditioning” would be a package that comes with all of them, and that’s just the way they are made.

    We had 2 leased Ford Windstar vans at our office years ago for park & loop routes. They had air conditioning and a radio. Our postmaster had them disconnected because he thought the carriers would be inside the van with the AC running and the radio playing on a hot day – a time wasting practice.

    Later, when the postmaster needed to drive one of the Windstars for his “official purposes,” he had the service contractor hook them back up.

  • JG4

    yeah I have heard of that…. never had air… unless it was a staff car..

  • N2u2Doll

    Our Windstars have AC & radios. Guess it never occurred to our Postmasters to disconnect & we’ve had some doozies

  • FedUp

    Fiat Chrysler You have to be kidding me. They have the WORST track record of American made vehicles. It’s figures that once again the USPS will be buying JUNK. Let’s see how long they last and there reliability. Another mess they are getting us into.

  • jonnyohio

    People aren’t understanding apparently. Theses are not delivery vehicles. These are apparently trucks that will be used to move mail to and from sorting facilities.