Video: Post office holds couple’s mail after chihuahua complaint

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Ginger the Chihuahua may be small, but she’s causing big problems between her owner, Jessica Rocha, and the Post Office.

“My dog is defenseless, she’s very nice,” Rocha said. “She likes people.”In June, Rocha received a notice from the Post Office requesting she confine her dog or keep it on a leash. She says she complied, for the most part.

“After that letter was sent to us, one of the times she would be out there using the restroom because she likes to go in the front yard a lot, and the mail carrier passed by or he was in the area delivering mail, and that’s when it all started again,” Rocha said.

Rocha’s mail carrier suddenly stopped delivering her mail all together more than a week ago.

Source: Post office holds couple’s mail after chihuahua complaint |

  • pete

    I can understand the carrier….why should he have to deal with a dog running between his feet and nipping at his ankles while trying to do his job. The owners should think about this…if he were to get bitten, there is a potential lawsuit out there, in addition there would be problems with animal control and the law. The simple solution would be to restrain the dog, or move the mailbox to a secure location.

  • Mailman

    It was easier to call the news that just keep restrain the dog. Woof

  • Jay

    How about putting the dog in the back yard when it has to go. I never understood why people put their dogs in the front yard to crap everywhere. That’s not the first thing I want friends or visitors seeing when they walk up to my front door.