Top stories of the week August 16-22

The ten most read articles last week:

  1. 52 USPS.GOV email addresses found in Ashley Madison data dump 1 Comment
  2. Video: Lessons learned from mail carrier’s tragic death
    WPSD TV Paducah KY Comment
  3. New ‘Self+1′ FEHB option available to employees this year Comment
  4. What do those four charts really prove about USPS finances? 1 Comment
  5. Mail handlers, USPS reach agreement on procedures to fill residual vacancies 3 Comments

  6. Five postal inspector email addresses found in Ashley Madison database Comment
  7. Video: Man Spots Postal Service Driver Texting While Driving
    WCBS New York 2 Comments
  8. Video: USPS Board may soon be down to just one member thanks to do nothing Congress Comment
  9. Pennsylvania Rural Carrier Convicted Of Worker’s Compensation Fraud 3 Comments
  10. Hearing on USPS-Staples Deal Dominated by Legal Wrangling
    APWU News 1 Comment