Video: For Spartanburg SC Neighborhood, Getting Mail Is A Struggle

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Several residents who live in the Glendale section of the city said they often have trouble getting their mail from the nearby post office because of limited – and inconvenient – hours.

Glendale Post Office, the only nearby post office, does not provide home delivery because the area was once rural and didn’t have many houses. That has changed over the years, but the U.S. Postal Service’s policy hasn’t.

“It’s an annoyance that I shouldn’t have to put up with,” said Kathy Mabry. “Sometimes I’m expecting a paycheck that comes on Saturday mornings, so if I don’t get out of bed at 20 degrees outside and come down here, then I can’t get it until Monday morning.”

Marby said the post office is only open normal business hours and for an hour on Saturday.“It’s totally unacceptable,” said Stacie Trammell. “If you’re not here at a certain time to get your mail, you’re just out of luck for the day.”

Source: For Spartanburg Neighborhood, Getting Mail Is A Struggle