52 USPS.GOV email addresses found in Ashley Madison data dump

ashley-madisonEarlier this week, hackers released millions of records of people who had subscribed to the “Ashley Madison” web site, a meeting place for people seeking extra-marital affairs. Given that there were around 36 million individual accounts leaked, it is hardly surprising (and hardly newsworthy) to learn that some postal employees may have been members. What is surprising, and quite newsworthy, is that 52 of them apparently used their official @USPS.GOV email addresses to sign up for the site!

According to an analysis of individual email domains found in the Ashley Madison files, over 15,000 *.gov or *.mil government email addresses were registered. The majority appear to be from military (.mil) domains. The federal civilian agency with the most registrations is the Veteran’s Administration with 104, followed by the Bureau of Prisons with 88. Then comes the US Postal Service, with 52. That means the USPS beat out the Department of Homeland Security (45) and, cue drum roll: The White House! (44).

Reuters reports that the USPS is taking the news very seriously:

The U.S. Postal Service and its internal watchdog plan to review whether or not some of the agency’s employees may have violated federal policies by using their government email on the infidelity website Ashley Madison.

“We are looking into this matter and will follow our existing administrative process if misconduct is identified,” U.S. Postal Service spokesman Dave Partenheimer said in a statement.

Source: U.S. Postal Service to review government email use for infidelity site | Reuters

  • BobOfArslan

    Names please.


    FIRED,,RESIGN OR RETIRE….these are one;s thInk they are UNTOUCHABLE, HERE AT USPS. Because, they are the stupid 204b;s,Supervisors, MDO;S and of course, PLANT/GENERAL MANAGER.

  • Retired Mailman

    Nothing will be done. These people are above the regulations that the rest of the craft workforce must follow. They will probably be promoted.

  • JustJoe

    I’m working on it right now. As soon as I get them parsed I’ll post the link here and everyone can see them.

  • Liam Skye

    How do you know they were not craft employees? The article doesn’t seem to list the job categories of the involved employees, if indeed there were really any improprieties to worry about in the first place.

  • Poor Richard

    I guess this means solitaire isn’t the most popular game for people who work with a computer in their office?

    How about that? I’m a slave to DOIS, have to make office time, hit the street, deliver all my mail on time, and make sure I scan all my MSPs while some folks in the USPS are getting paid while trying to get laid.

  • Padre

    Do craft employees get postal email addresses?

  • JustJoe

    Finished searching. There are about 34 names, not 50-some. A bunch are duplicates, it looks like people had trouble getting their email to work and tried variants of their names. I’m not going to post the actual names, it looks like the passwords to some of the accounts are VERY much like what the PO requires as a password. I’ll bet you some of these retards used the same damn password. Better get that changed tomorrow boys, someone penetrates the network with your password and I’ll bet that costs you your job.

  • Poor Richard

    Sure, craft employees get postal email addresses. Those are the ones who will get fired.

    The managers will get a new eMail address with a bonus and/or a promotion.

    I don’t know why the elites with a USPS email have to go looking for nookie on Ashley Madison. Used to be, all they had to do was hit on some cutie craft employee with a little “quid pro quo,” such as a promotion or not losing their job.

  • Rich Poortard

    So exciting to be here on the day Poor Richard finally jumped the shark, suggesting that USPS managers found on Ashley Madison will receive- what else? BONUSES!!

    Richard- you really need to talk to a professional about your issues with bonus envy!

    PS- where do you work? After three decades plus in the USPS I’m struggling to recall a postal worker, craft OR management, that I would consider a “cutie” worth my quid pro quo- if you know what I mean! You must work in Cutieville? Is that why you stay on at the USPS despite all the horrors and indignities you suffer day after day?

  • JG4


  • JG4

    Solitaire on usps systems in the western area were eliminated over ten years ago….

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    So, who are the 52 at the Post Office who visited this fine site? I assume they will be fired? If they are in management, that won’t happen.

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    Submit an Information Request.

  • Ms Dos

    The old jokes are the best, aren’t they? But seriously, Richard- you might want to explain what “solitaire” is, since I suspect a lot of the younger readers here, say, under 50?, might not be familiar with it. It hasn’t been included in Windows for some time now. You’re not still on Windows 95 are you?

  • Poor Richard

    “After three decades plus in the USPS I’m struggling to recall a postal
    worker, craft OR management, that I would consider a “cutie” worth my
    quid pro quo- if you know what I mean!”

    It sounds like you are saying USPS employees are ugly. Screw you.

    Apparently, not all managers and supervisors felt that way about their subordinates. They cost the USPS some rather hefty settlement costs in court.

    As a result, we had to listen to sexual harassment service talks at least twice a month for nearly a year.

  • Poor Richard

    Nope. I’m not on Windows 95. I’ve upgraded to Windows 10, and guess what? Solitaire is back! I hear they had to put it back into Windows 10 because too many people working in offices were spending too much time on Ashley Madison.

  • Rich Poortard

    No, I wasn’t actually. I was saying you’re dumb, but I did it in the form of a little joke.

    Please either stop whining or get another job- you’re pathetic.

  • Poor Richard

    Thank you. When people… like you… have to resort to calling me names, I know I defeated them in the war of words and wits.

  • Rich Poortard

    Now now- I did not call you an name. Well, except Richard, but that’s your name, right?. I did say that you are “dumb” and “pathetic”. Those are adjectives, not “names”

  • Poor Richard

    Rich, now you’ve got me thinking you’re about 10 years old with 4th grade level English skills. Allow me to correct your comment.

    Now, now- I did not call you a name. Well, except Richard,
    but that’s your name, right? I did say that you are “dumb” and
    “pathetic”. Those are adjectives, not “names”.

    Errors in your original text – repeated words (Now now) need a comma between them, use of the word “an” before a word that begins with a consonant (it should have been “a”), 2 punctuation marks at the end of a sentence (?.), no punctuation mark at the end of your last sentence.

    Recommendations – Stay in school. Or go back.

  • Mailman030

    I have been a letter carrier for almost 20 years and I have never had a postal e-mail. The only craft employees who are given USPS e-mail addresses are the ones who are serving on a detail like DRT members or carriers working on one of the route adjustment processes.

  • JG4

    you are too focused on your craft…Not true…. many clerks have emails in the plant as do VMF folks HR and the like… I started as a City Carrier in 1983 retired as a Fin/Bud Analyst in 2012….
    BTW you do have an address it’s just not being used… standard format is firstname.lastname@usps.gov

  • Mailman030

    I just tried to send myself an e-mail at that address and it was sent back as no address found. Of course I am speaking from my perspective as a letter carrier, it is the only perspective that I have.

  • JG4

    No one said the address was “active”… just that you had one…. you might want to broaden your perspective…