New ‘Self+1’ FEHB option available to employees this year

Self Plus OneYou’ll have a new option when choosing your health coverage during this year’s open season: Self Plus One.

If you’re currently enrolled in a Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) coverage plan, you’ve always had the option of choosing Self Only or Self and Family for your coverage.

Self Plus One offers coverage for you and one eligible family member that you designate, which can be your spouse or a child.

Self Plus One also may be a lower cost option when compared to Self and Family, if you have only one family member to put on your insurance.

Employees interested in switching to Self Plus One can do so during this year’s open season, which will be from Nov. 9-Dec. 14.

For more information, visit the LiteBlue Self Plus One site.

  • Tony

    I can’t wait to see how the fee structure is going to be for the Self-Plus One Option! It sounds like a great option for some of us, but hopefully not at the expense of the families in the system!

  • Adams

    I couldn’t care less about “the families in the system!” I’ve been subsidizing them for years now. My wife and I have had to pay the same premiums as someone with a dozen kids- how is that fair? If you want to subsidize big families, do it in the open, out of tax dollars. Somehow I don’t think that idea will fly!

  • Tony

    Well my friend, I understand your point and agree that the option of Self Plus One should have been in place decades ago, but you know as well as I do that this is another smoke and mirror charade! My prediction is going to be a 10- 12 % savings as compared to the Family plan, if we’re lucky! So pour a shot of JD and relax!

  • Nick Danger

    It’s about time they did that. I agree with Tony

  • joethemailman

    Looking at this very closely. It appears BC/BS federal had to do this as members are vying for low cost secondary insurers. Once you are eligle for Medicare this is your primary plan. While we were working BC/BS federal was primary. I am o.k. With BC/bs federal but other comparable plans cost a lot less. I do not want to change Drs., pay more for co pays and prescriptions but BC/BS Federal as secondary is pricey. Remember they are secondary! We are still paying as if they are Primary. Please post info on comparable secondary plans.