Rabbi: Elvis stamp sends wrong message to youth

From the San Diego Jewish World

ENCINITAS, California — The Postal Service has now released an Elvis “Forever” stamp.   Some of us opposed the original Elvis stamp, released by the Postal Service in 1993—even if we appreciated Elvis and respected his obvious admiration for black-style vocalization.

But Elvis Presley should not have a stamp in his memory. You can love Elvis, you can know every lyric of his haunting ballads, but you can still sense that there is something wrong with engraving this tragic man on our letters and cards.

Elvis Presley died ignominiously and self-abusively. He killed himself with drugs and reckless indulgence. The end of his life came to be a cacophony of blind extravagance and gross negligence.   He was not martyred; he was stoned.  He was a bad example for kids.

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