Video: Union protests postal worker’s termination for being on active military duty for too long

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Members of the American Postal Workers Union protested outside of the Gateway Post Office Thursday in Springfield. Braden Pelky, the local president of the APWU, says that his friend and co-worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, was terminated after being on active military duty for too long. The anonymous postal worker is currently on active duty and serving stateside in the military. The man worked at the post office for 10 years, and has been on active duty for 8 of those years. USERRA, or The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, protects the jobs of active military members for up to five years. After someone is on active duty for more than five years, their employers have a right to terminate them, as they are no longer protected by the USERRA.

Source: Union protests postal worker’s termination | Local & Regional News | Eugene News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KVAL CBS 13

  • What the?

    The union guy makes it sound like his friend has no choice but to stay in the army until it decides his “mission” is completed or whatever. Since when? If he wants to work at the PO, he should have gone back once his five years was up. As far as I can see, he made his decision to stay in the army- that isn’t the post office’s problem, and it has nothing to do with “supporting our troops”. Plenty of people have served our country without demanding that someone hold a job open for them indefinitely, just in case they get tired of the military life.

  • Paul

    I’m retired military and now retired postal, I hate to ever agree with management but in this case they are right. The only way I could support him is if he were being involuntarily retained on active duty after his enlistment ended, but that is not currently being done. So he should make up his mind the Army or the P.O.

  • Chuck

    One of the rare times I agree with management on this, if you want to be in the military,you shouldn’t be able to keep employment with the Postal Service and he had the opportunity to choose.

  • mh211

    I was there at this protest. It is not harming the postal servixe or management to hold this guys job and honestly any union member should be supporting this guys right 100% regardless of his status on active duty orders. There is more to the story that what you read

  • What the?

    OK, so what “more” is there? It already sounded fishy that he didn’t want his name mentioned- what is he afraid of? Management knows who he is if they fired him, obviously- what’s the big secret? And WHY should anyone support him? What is this “right” you say we should support? What gives you the “right” to tie up a job for eight years just so you can quit the army and have a nice secure job whenever you decide you’re tired of the military?

    He lost his “right” when HE chose to stay in the military. If HE wanted to work at the PO, why did HE abandon his job?

  • S. Gander

    Surely he had a choice. Holding a job for a person for 5 years is generous and technically the country is not in a state of war – so what’s the urgency of staying temporarily in the military?

  • Joe Woznicki

    At our office we have a guy that’s been gone 15 or more years. Holds down a route and took a place on our leave calender so nobody can get off. He is not forced to stay in the military he chooses to. Should remove his butt too. I am retired military too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!