Video: USPS OIG proposal includes mailmen checking on the elderly

A new report by the Inspector General outlines a plan to have the mailman stop in to help the elderly, by assessing their health and even setting up their new TV.

The IG wrote, “The postal service could coordinate and collaborate with wellness organizations to offer new and far-reaching services to older Americans nationwide.”

The ideas included delivering groceries and medications to senior citizens.

The IG claims just delivering groceries to seniors could make more than $100 million a year in profit.

But even the post office management is skeptical about that.

In a letter, a top postal official said those calculations were “unsound.”

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  • Poor Richard

    I think I’m losing all faith and respect for the OIG. I think they should change their acronym to OMG with these ideas!

    Used to be, we Letter Carriers were not allowed to enter homes while on duty. Good reason for it. We could hide out, and waste a lot of time. Worse, if something turned up missing, we could be accused of theft. Even worse, we could be attacked by an angry husband who came home early. Administering those meds? Howzabout sharing some of them with your Letter Carrier, huh?

    In the real world, most of the people who enter homes to perform services should be licensed, bonded, and insured.

    Here’s an easier solution. Get rid of 1,250 skeptical and unsound managers and postmasters making an average of $80,000 per year by consolidating these repetitious functions performed by those who don’t touch the mail, and the USPS will save $100 million guaranteed.

  • Crazyt6

    That would make sense. Never happen.

  • Nick Danger

    Insane Clown Posse strikes again

  • Poor Richard

    You never know. PostPlan sure clobbered a lot of postmasters making over 50 grand a year in small offices who thought they had it made for life. They worked only a few hours actual work, and kicked back for the rest of the day, maybe sold only a book or two of stamps daily. Their annual salaries were more than the annual revenue for the office.

    I found an article from last February that says, “The Postal Service expects to save approximately $516 million annually in labor costs through the POStPLan.” That’s a lot of money.

    If this is true, this could mean PostPlan is responsible for and accounts for a huge part (nearly 1/2) of the 1.2 Billion in operating profit the USPS is bragging about for this year.

    Results like this cannot go unnoticed, especially by Congress.

  • spanky spangler

    How about we cut their lawns or paint their nails. OIG you are some of the most asinine people to ever collet a biweekly check!

  • Prof Irwin Corey

    Maybe I’m missing something, but what does postplan have to do with the OIG’s wacky suggestions?

  • Jokerswild

    You are absolutely right. I am a Postmaster and as much as it stunk for so many people to lose their positions, there were so many Postmasters that were getting paid to do very little work and there are still some out there today. PostPlan was a great idea.