Video: Atlanta TV station says 90 or so postal workers nationwide might possibly have cheated on their time records last year

This is one of those “news” stories that sounds bad at first, but leaves you shaking your head. A TV station in Atlanta says it filed a Freedom of Information Act request on postal employees committing time card fraud. They came up with a grand total of “275 cases of potential time and attendance fraud since 2012″. So, in other words, in each of the last three years about 90 postal workers may have cheated on their time records. Out of over a half million employees.

This is news??


Four postal workers in the Atlanta area and hundreds nationwide have been accused of cheating on time sheets and are still getting paid, an investigation by Channel 2 Action News uncovered.

Channel 2 Action News obtained the list of alleged time cheats through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Source: Investigation: Postal workers play hooky, get paid

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

    As a Postal Employee in a larger metropilitan facility, though not as big as Atlanta, I have to ask “What is a time-card” ? This article is ridiculous.

  • Mailman030

    Only new employees use a 1260 for their time until they are issued a time card and the paper form has to be verified by management. Of course they could be talking about supervisors who delete clock rings to short employees on their checks, but that number is probably a lot higher than 90.

  • IIlIIl111

    Must be a slow (AKA stupid) News Day.