Arizona reps from both parties tell PMG mail service has deteriorated

Eight members of Arizona’s Congressional Delegation, 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans sent the following letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan,  asking that she take action to stop the deterioration in mail service in the state:

Dear Postmaster General Brennan:

As members of the Arizona delegation we are writing to inform you of the results of an extensive community survey regarding the impacts of the consolidation of the Tucson Postal Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC)/Cherrybell. We appreciate the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement to delay phase II consolidation at Cherrybell into 2016; however there remains great uncertainty regarding how the negative consequences of the consolidation will be addressed moving forward.

The survey, conducted by Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, Vice Mayor Richard Fimbres, the Tucson City Council and various local business and community organizations, collected more than 1,700 submissions expressing concern. The vast majority of respondents, 84.0 percent of individuals and 86.0 percent of businesses, reported a noticeable delay in their mail delivery services since the first phase of consolidation stopped the processing of some outbound mail.

Overall, respondents widely reported waiting additional days for medicines, delays in Veterans benefits and medications and delays in receipts and payments for regular business transactions. These delays are not merely a nuisance, but can be costly in terms of health impacts and businesses’ most fundamental operations, such as meeting their payroll. Numerous concerns have been raised regarding a major barrier for non-profit organizations to reach members and potential funders through direct mail. Additionally, there are serious concerns regarding the Phoenix postal center’s ability to takeover timely processing of personal items such as tax payments, bills, school transcripts and personal holiday cards.

We appreciate your efforts to protect Tucson and surrounding communities from the negative impacts of consolidation, but do not believe there is a feasible path forward to address the concerns of the community if the facility is closed. We ask that you review the attached survey summary and provide us with information on how the numerous concerns will be addressed.

Click here for the full text of the survey referred to in the letter.

  • hollywood

    They read this letter at USPS HQ ,( passed it around so everyone could laugh) , then sent the usual form letter back explaining how the USPS is improving service and will look into the matter . He – He

  • vitameatavegamin

    One of the HQ bigshots probably took it to the john and wiped certain unmentionables with it……….

  • Megan Brennan PMG

    I resent that statement!

  • Sway Snub

    The people who own the mailboxes are no longer the customers. The customers are now the junk mail producers.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Some can’t handle the truth……L’ Enfant Plaza does not care for anybody but itself… much are they getting under the table to wreck the USPS for others’ benefit?