Video: Meet ‘The Inspectors’- catch a sneak peek of new postal-themed TV series

A new video offers a sneak peek at “The Inspectors,” the upcoming dramatic television series about the Postal Inspection Service.

The 2-minute, 45-second trailer is posted above. It features brief scenes from the show and interviews with the actors, as well as creator Dave Morgan, who calls Postal Inspectors “a special breed of public servant.”

“This is truly an honor and a source of pride … to be able to work on ‘The Inspectors,’” Morgan says.

CBS will air the half-hour series Saturdays at 10:30 a.m., beginning Oct. 3. Although Saturday mornings were once the domain of children’s programming, CBS has moved into broader fare that appeals to wider audiences.

Terry Serpico, who plays Inspector Mitch Ohlmeyer, says the series is produced with families in mind “in the hopes that this is something they can watch together.”

The video trailer also shows Jessica Lundy, who plays Inspector Amanda Wainwright, discussing her research for the role, including spending time with real-life Inspectors in the Los Angeles area.

“They were all so generous with their time and their instruction on … how they put together pieces of a puzzle to solve these crimes,” Lundy says.

Source: Meet ‘The Inspectors’ | USPS News Link

  • Retired Mailman

    There was a previous telemovie with Lou Gossett Jr a few years back. Move along, nothing to see here……

  • JohnQ

    The video about the show makes it look like a parody of a crime show. WAY over the top bad acting. Is this aimed for kids??

  • Samantha Von Katt

    Sorry dude but the acting is actually really good. You must not be watching the show on a regular basis. They are postal inspectors not the police or FBI so the intensity is going to be different and that is why it is nice for families to watch. The Inspectors shows how the Postal Inspection Unit intelligently investigates real scams that happen across our country every day.