Video: Filipino customers in Carson CA cry foul over alleged mail dumping

CALIFORNIA – Some Filipinos are angry because they believe their postal carrier has been throwing away their mail.

According to residents of Carson Apartment Complex, the US Postal Service has treated their dumpster as the new mailbox.

They claimed they caught a mail carrier in the act of dumping their mail intended for delivery last week.

When residents, including Filipino Paul San Nicolas, took a closer look they found mail from neighboring streets, among them important private documents and packages meant for the many Filipino families in the neighborhood.

Some mail even contained prescription medicine and time sensitive immigration documents.

Source: Pinoys in Carson City cry foul over alleged mail dumping | ABS-CBN News

  • spanky spangler

    Why is it important to mention that the race of the persons is Filipino?

  • postalnews

    First of all, “Filipino” refers to a nationality, not a “race”. The news organization that published the original story is based in the Philippines, and caters to Filipinos around the world. I would think that if it had been a Jewish or Hispanic news organization reporting on a Jewish or Hispanic neighborhood, the language would have been similar.