Video: USPS Blue Boxes Targeted by Check Thieves

ALBANY — It’s a scam that often happens in broad daylight, fraudsters using whatever they can to fish mail out of the USPS Blue Boxes.  US Postal Inspectors have been catching up with many of the thieves by setting up stings and using surveillance video but they’re also cautioning to consider the time we drop off our mail.

In some cases the scammers use just fishing line and tape to steal envelopes out of the boxes, in other instances thieves have been caught breaking into the blue boxes with crowbars.  Once they get in, they steal dozens of envelopes, look for checks inside and then photo-copy, wash and re-write them, ripping off unsuspecting victims.

Source: The Real Deal: USPS Blue Boxes Targeted by Check Thieves – WRGB CBS6 – Top Stories