Were You Affected by OPM’s Data Breach?

apwudefault408/03/2015Retirees who are unsure about whether they were affected by the OPM data breach involving names, birth dates, addresses, and Social Security numbers can call 844-777-2743 to find out, reports APWU Retirees Department Director Judy Beard. An advisor will assist with inquiries and can help those who were affected enroll in the identity theft monitoring program offered by OPM.

Current and former federal employees who may have been affected by the second breach concerning background investigation records should visitwww.opm.gov for the most recent information.

Source: Were You Affected by OPM’s Data Breach? | APWU

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    What, WE have to ask if we were hacked??

  • JohnW

    If you look at your bank statement one day and discover $0 in all accounts, that will be a good indication that your data was stolen.