Video: Customer upset after letter carrier uses pepper spray on dachshund

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) -For Stuart Young and his five year old Dachshund Darla, hanging out in their front yard is a typical day, but today was unlike any other. “The mail carrier had already gone to the next house and she forgot some piece of mail for us,” said Stuart Young who lives on Rogers Avenue in Greenville.

He said he was in the yard with his dog Darla as their mail carrier approached them a second time.

“She came to hand the piece of mail to me, she pulled out pepper spray, sprayed the dog in the face, handed me the mail and then turned around and ran back to the truck,” said Young.

Young said Darla is a therapy dog, is not aggressive, and didn’t attack the postal worker. He’s not happy about what happened to his dog right before his eyes. “It’s kind of cruel, I mean it’s border line animal cruelty to me,” said Young.

FOX Carolina 21

Source: Dog maced by mail carrier, USPS condones employee’s actions – FOX Carolina 21

  • RandyF

    There is more to this story. Carriers do not just walk up and pepper spray an animal. Did FOX Carolina 21 bother to try to interview the Carrier? Probably not since that may have rendered this sensationalized story useless.

    IF, only IF, it happened exactly as the owner states, then, the Carrier does need to be disciplined and remedial training should be provided as to the proper use of pepper spray.

    Maybe also talk to the 3,000+ Letter Carriers that are bitten and attacked by “non-aggressive” animals each year.

  • hollywood

    Poor little poopsie got hot pepper spray in his little face .

  • Founding Fathers Rule

    There were over 5800 dog bites last year. Shut up and put the dog away

  • IIlIIl111

    Fox News………anti-Government, anti-Postal System, anti-Union. No bias there………………….

  • cathyandmike

    I don’t buy this guy’s story for a minute. I am sure the carrier felt threatened. We don’t wait to be attacked and spray after the fact. The news person said there was a supervisor in the vehicle because the carrier’s route was being inspected. Just because the reporter was able to walk up to the dog without incident doesn’t mean the carrier was able to do the same.

  • JWReed

    First words out of the mouth of the dog owner who’s with his dog: “Don’t worry, he’s friendly”

    First words out of the mouth of the dog owner who’s dog just bit you: “That’s never happened before”

  • Johnnie

    Dogs out, you get NO mail. PERIOD!!

  • joe stutzman

    if a dog has teeth it will bite. no teeth, it will gum. as a 30 yr carrier I was threatened many times by little mupsie

  • cheryl

    We don’t just pepper spray a dog for nothing. That woman is lying.

  • stanpiastadick

    obviously the lady is full of sh… the dog most likely lunged at the carrier and the carrier defended herself. God for her. If she would have gottn bit the genius executives in her District would have looked to fire her.

  • Becky Yost Liddick

    I call b.s. No carrier is going to risk their job for that. My husband has been bitten twice by dogs that “don’t bite”. Now this woman is going to lie and maybe cost someone their job.

  • Ben Smith

    Yes that dog looks like a natural born killer. all 15 lbs of it. Good grief get a life. I carried most of my Postal career, that dog deserved a kick in the butt maybe, but the spray isn’t necessary. Trust me there are a lot of trigger happy dopey carriers these days.

  • Djb

    Please when I was a TE there was a carrier who sprayed EVERYTHING…cats,squirrels, dogs, birds…just to see what happened