Video: Letter carrier throws package towards front porch

HOUSTON -A homeowner says he is upset after a postal worker threw a package towards his front porch.

Casey Stump said when the parcel wouldn’t fit in his mailbox, the letter carrier decided to lob it in the direction of his home on Bridgeland Lane in northwest Houston.

Stump said he could not figure out how the mail got where it did until he looked over surveillance video.

“(I was) somewhat angry,” he said. “I didn’t even know yet what was in the box.>”

He found out the box had car parts in it.Stump said he installed his cameras to make sure no one stole his packages, not track their movement.

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Source: Homeowner says letter carrier threw package towards front porch | News – Home

  • Ryan Kuwahara

    UPS comes almost every single day? Try actually going to a store once!

  • hunh?

    Why? Is there something virtuous about driving your gas guzzler to the mall rather than ordering something online and having it delivered?

  • TGIRetired

    The USPS says this is just unacceptable yet it continues to happen over and over again.Why?? Sounds like someone is not listening to the service talks!!

  • tom

    Another ahole that gives he USP a bad name

  • Ryan Kuwahara


  • hunh?

    Oh? And what would that be exactly?

  • cheryl

    Has anybody at the Post Office ever heard of home surveillance? If not, they need to.