Video: Man says postal worker threw package out of delivery truck

LITHONIA, Ga. — A Lithonia man is not happy after seeing how his neighborhood postal worker treated his delivery.  Home surveillance video shows the postal worker tossing his package out the window of the delivery truck. “It could’ve been a fragile item. It could’ve been glass items, anything. They don’t know. That box was just tossed out the door like it was trash,” Thomas Sutton told Channel 2’s Wendy Corona.  Twice now, his home surveillance camera has caught this type of behavior at his Lithonia home from a postal worker.

Source: Man says postal worker threw package out of delivery truck |

  • Larry Beauchamp

    Why oh why does this keep happening!?

  • ajayon

    There are other things wrong in this video besides tossing the package. First Postal carriers are suppose to avoid having to back up, that means no driveways unless circular and you can drive all the way thru. It appears they are not wearing their seat belt a real no no. Since this person is not wearing a postal uniform we can assume this is either a Rural carrier or a City Carrier Associate. This is what the Postal Service has devolved to by trying to be a business instead of a public service.

  • Cliff Clavin

    It was only a box of donuts.

  • Karen Williamson

    Throwing the package here was stupid ~ but worse is backing up!! #1 No -NO ~ do NOT do EVER!!! The carrier should be disciplined for the backing… it is not allowed!! He was just too lazy to walk up the drive…!!! Faster, faster, faster,,, that’s what they all want and this is the service they get in order for them to keep their jobs.

  • Danny Garcia

    He is fired and it is like the book 1984.

  • Tony

    Should have stopped at the curb and walked it to the door! 15 seconds in all! Rather than have to explain to a bunch of know nothings why you didn’t!

  • Shutejute

    Parcels are thrown much further than that in being sorted in the office. People do not see how things are done…and are incensed and what carriers see done every day before parcels get to them for delivery. Machines dump parcels onto conveyor belts…small parcels get squashed under larger parcels.. sigh….if only they knew…this was gentle compared to what that package had already gone through.

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  • burger king

    that’s what they want and that is what they are going to get. they want road runners and so what if the service deteriorates. They don’t want the postal service to last much longer anyway

  • TeflonPalin

    CCA or Rural Carrier, possibly even a Supervisor or clerk breaking all kinds of rules to save a few precius seconds and ‘make the numbers’. Instead of asking ‘why do they keep throwing packages’ we should ask instead ‘when will we be given time for service??’

  • Hanginthere

    Not just the carrier, they want to cut to the bone from all departments, like clerk, maintenance, custodians etc… and Sorry!!! don’t want to hear about customer service anymore!!!

  • cheryl

    It should be labeled glass or fragile if it is glass or fragile. But there’s no excuse for that guy’s laziness.

  • cheryl

    This is absolutely the truth.

  • cheryl

    It’s is allowed in the rural craft. Backups are routine and written into the routes.

  • Sharon

    Whats new about this. Have you seen them at the Post Office itself. They toss them across the room and drop the ones marked fragile from waist high.