Video: mr mailman- A Day in the Life of a Postman

Like it says! A letter carriers day- compressed into two minutes 40 seconds…

Just to be clear- we’re not endorsing this video as an accurate depiction of how a letter carrier should work. Numerous viewers have pointed out safety violations on our Facebook page. Feel free to offer your own comments there or in the comments section below.

  • arthur couture

    Driving with door open, listening to music with headphones while driving or delivering, holding mail while driving or delivering…..shall I go on? I’m retired now, (thank God) but in the 3 different stations I delivered in I would have been disciplined up to and including removal. That carrier is either in a “country club” station or management isn’t yet aware of his “deficiencies”. They are now. Consider yourself warned carrier!

  • godin

    Simply terrible and seemingly unaware.

  • Kimberly Neal

    hat is the worst depiction I’ve ever seen! if you want to see a day in the life of a letter carrier come on down I Would love to show you. . not just the physical but the mental anguish we suffer as well.. at the hands of our own supervidoes. it’s more like a dysfunctional family that back stabs each other and wants to ruin each others lives over mail.
    the physical is nothing walk 10 miles and carrying heavy stuff that’s the easy part.

  • Bill Davies

    this video shows many things that are against the rules and most carriers never do!!!

  • dd808

    How are you gonna deny these violations Monday where your supervisors call you into the office?

  • tomfoster

    One of my mentors from 20+ years ago “Any fool can have a big route.” Take this blasphemy down!

  • sh68137

    I want to work out of his station. This is how the PO was when I started. Go deliver the Mail- don’t hurt yourself, don’t wreck the Jeep, don’t miss deliver. Now IT AIN’T NOTHING LIKE THIS VIDEO! So much has changed there isn’t enough space here to explain.

  • Mark

    You can drive with door open between boxes but not thru intersections , the rest would be safety issues

  • jjfad

    Door open and no seatbelt. Wheres the video telling him hes an hour under, and told to be back on time no matter the weather or package volume

  • BoozeCruz

    Where’s the part when the 204b asks the carrier why did he miss one of the 158 Amazon scans?

  • FedUp

    The PDI’s are about to flow in his direction. Here is a few items. Driving with the door open, no seatbelt, wheels are not curbed, keys left in the ignition and holding mail and driving are just a few. I smell trouble. Hopefully he’s retiring soon, if not already.

  • MikeS

    Yea, lots of safety violations in this video. Dude ain’t wearing any part of the seatbelt at all!…I wonder how much time he spent setting up the camera for the third-person shots.. inside the mailbox, bumper cam, mirror cam, etc?

  • dee

    Tell it like it is….amen!!

  • El Mas Chingon

    Damn, this fool should be fired immediately, an embarrasment to all professional Letter Carriers.