Video: Pecos TX Woman Claims Mailman Won’t Deliver Mail


A Pecos woman is taking action against her mailman and the post office. She claims she hasn’t been receiving her mail for the past week. After reaching out to the Pecos Postmaster, she says she still hasn’t received any help.

“Enough is enough. I want my mail back,” said Anita Dominguez.

She noticed her mail services stopped last Tuesday.

“The mailman says that my mailbox isn’t close enough for him to just reach out and put my mail in,” she said.

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Dominguez claims the mailman delivers to every other residence in the area, even to those that have mailboxes next to their front doors. In this case, however, he won’t get out of his truck to take a few extra steps to reach her mailbox. A statement issued by Communications Program Specialist from the U.S. Postal Service, Sam Bolen, “mail recipients must have a visible street identification number in a convenient location, which Dominguez has done her best to accommodate to.

Source: Pecos Woman Claims Mailman Won’t Deliver Mail – KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |

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