LLV maker wins contract to build new USPS “walk-in body” delivery trucks

Morgan Olson Walkin VanThe US Postal Service announced yesterday that it has awarded a contract worth over a quarter of a billion dollars to Morgan Olson LLC of Sturgis MI to build 3,339 “Walk In Body Intermediate Delivery Trucks”. The company was formerly known as Grumann Olson, and in 1984 won the contract to build the postal service’s “long life vehicle” or LLV. The new contract awarded to Morgan Olson is for vehicles to be used mainly for collections and package delivery.

The USPS is also currently in the process of planning for the replacement of its fleet of LLVs.

Source: Walk In Body Intermediate Delivery Trucks – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities

  • ridiculus

    i wonder which vice president or board of governor has invested in this company?

  • Jack Mehoff

    or for Amazon Fresh grocery deliveries

  • not retiring yet

    3339 vehicles why not 3350? at any rate, divided by 50 states, it comes to something like 67 or so vehicles per state Or is this just for the first year?

  • Patti Durham

    That’s huge! How are we suppose to deliver the mail?

  • Joy McCarty Carambas

    Did you all not read the article, it is going to be used for collections and parcel delivery.

  • postalnews

    There’s an option for another 3,000 plus. Bear in mind- these are intended for collections and parcels, not regular city delivery routes. The LLV replacement is a whole separate project.

  • Digging the grave

    Considering the junk this company built the Postal Service before it is of no surprise the geniuses running the Postal Service chose them again. Every little bit helps in the destruction of the USPS.

  • Steve

    I applaud the Postal Service. A couple of years ago I made a living selling items on eBay, and shipped several thousand items via USPS Priority Mail – Globally – and the number of problems would be counted on one hand with fingers left. Real world experience, 1st hand.

  • JG4

    yeah it’s not like I drove a jeep before I drove an LLV…. 25+ years ago… nah they don’t last /sarcasm

  • JG4

    Check the financial statement that they are required to file every year

  • IMHO38

    Yeah, so. Looks just like our current 2 ton vehicle.

  • IMHO38

    probably interstation truck runs too, like we currently use our 2 ton for

  • chiefwarrantofficer

    Antiquarian bookseller here for several decades as a hobby. Shipped all over the world with the same results: one item going to Saudi Arabia went missing in all that time.

  • MJM

    If you have to deal with one of our current, and older, two tons, this is fantastic news.

    It’s not the same. We need more ability to deal with cages and more safety features – badly.

    The front/side visibility and back-up cameras plus reliability = can’t wait for them to roll out.

    Can’t wait = An actual physical sensation of relief

  • Fredeick C.

    USPS is under horrible management they have not been able to produce a positive earnings for multiple years. Upper management focuses on unproductive measures and has not adjusted to modern technology or era. USPS is another unproductive and uneffective public government product.

  • Fredeick C.

    USPS handles small light packages the use of a large vehicle increases: delivery time, gas consumption, possible accidents, storage space, vehicle maintenance, insurance, employee injury. I would of used smaller euro vans the would be heavily more effective in: cutting routes do to increase productivity, parking ease, increase on gas mileage. If USPS would like a new President of Operations inbox me. Please post opinions I’m curious what employees think about my direction.

  • http://johnnyb93.blogspot.com/ johnbonanno

    This thing is not for route delivery. It is for collections and parcel delivery.

  • Momma_T

    Yes, management tends to be horrible… mostly because those in charge have never done the jobs they’re destroying.

    As far as a lack of income, we were running in the black until around 2006, when the pre-funding mandate was put in place by Congress. In profit-bearing years Congress took all the excess away from the post office [a not-for-profit entity] which meant there was no cushion for the lean years.

    The post office is most definitely both productive and effective; the general public doesn’t generally acknowledge it because all they know is that letters get picked up and delivered.

  • Momma_T

    It’s a collection vehicle like the one-tons and two-tons.

  • Len

    Asbestos body?

  • pdom694

    Fredrick, everything you said is true, right up until the last sentence. I would hope that you would educate yourself before making such broad statements. Sounds to me like you get your information from the one and only FAUX Noise. There are plenty of Postal employees that do a great job. It is the Republican congress during the presidency of G W Bush that got us to this position. Why don’t you try to prefund your retirement for the next fifty years during the next five years and see where it gets you. Republicans can’t find a redeeming feature of anything without trying to wring a profit from it, or alternately working to ruin every sound governmental institution so that they can stand back and say, as you kind of did, “USPS is another unproductive and INeffective [sc] public government product.” However, for a regressive (republican), you do spell pretty well.

  • pdom694

    Fredrick, read Steve’s post below. That’s real world for you. He’s an actual mailer. How often do you interface with postal employees?

  • pdom694

    Well, first off, read the story. AGAIN, this is for collections and parcel delivery. Second, if we needed a Rethuglican to ruin the US Postal Service, we would re-hire our last Postmaster General. Why would we hire anybody to run the USPS that obviously knows nothing of postal operations or business. Then again, you sure can run your mouth.

  • David

    We are not pre-funding anything. This money must be in the fund or those who have already retired will not draw their full pensions or get their healthcare paid for, and those yet to retire would have even less. The DOD also does this, the only difference is they get their $’s via appropriations.

  • David

    According to the postal service, they will begin testing of three prototypes next year and make a decision about 6 months after that. This contract is for vehicles to do collections and parcel delivery…probably express mail, not the LLV replacement contract people.

  • moderatelycrazy


  • disqus_0U7zWKCAu5

    Frederick C…..proving once again that you can’t fix stupid

  • disqus_0U7zWKCAu5

    You mean like scans in the street won’t be used against you in discipline and other lines of BS I have heard for 21 years?

  • disqus_0U7zWKCAu5

    Like when PMG Runyon tried to make all postal vending machines Pepsi exclusive? Then it was discovered he had a ton of Pepsi stock……and retired soon after.

  • Marvin

    Unless USPS is going that every parcels off my route then the vehicles they get should accommodate the increase in the volume of parcels. Many days I don’t have room in the back for flats and DPS. And were not supposed to have mail in the front I’m a City Carrier in Philly and my station is a test station in the city. So they need to get this right.

  • Marvin

    Maybe we can get airbags, A/C, heat/defroster that works in the winter and power windows

  • ben franklin

    Ummm, no, actually the pre-funding ahs nothing to do with current retirees’ pensions or health care. That should be obvious- after all, the USPS hasn’t made the pre-funding payments for several years now, and all of the retirees are getting their pensions and health coverage just fine. I know- I’m one of them.

    And your statement that DOD ” also does this” is a flat out lie- prove me wrong. (Hint- you can’t)

    There are enough stupid commenters here- we don’t need another one.

  • JG4

    I think that is why they have to file financial disclosure forms now….direct reports to DM and up…

  • Patty

    Rhode Island does not need as many as Texas!

  • bruce b

    What can White do for you?

  • Carvin Marvin

    Who do you think we have now as PMG? Megan Brennan,Donawhore’s right hand and henchwomen for more than 20 years,and her background was 1 year as a carrier before going into management and never on the mail processing side.So far,other than pushing back the next round of plant closures until April, Donawhore’s dismanteling and union busting will go forward.

  • rodell7

    Do any of you posters know of the 5 billion per year the service is mandated by congress to fund the pension trust for 75 years…. They are fprced to pay for the retirement of employees they haven’t hired yet. The current postmaster is fighting that mandate