Video: Your Mailbox- An open invitation for thieves?

RICHMOND, VA — Nowadays, you can pay most of your bills online or on your smartphone, but there are still a few you have to fill out a check and stick it in your mailbox.

But wait, outgoing mail in an unlocked box is an invitation for thieves.

Thirty-four businesses reported compromised bank accounts within a short period of time. Investigators were able to track those reports to a certain area.

“The suspects in this case intentionally targeted business checks,” Postal Inspector David Cunningham said. “They would often go to commercial business parks where they would be able to find a number of different checks.”

Source: Your Mailbox: An open invitation for thieves?

  • Charles Lou Spiers

    Your computer is more unlocked than your mailbox! Millions everyday get there info stolen by internet thieves and never get procescuted. How many at target and homedepot to name just a few have been hacked…well over 100 million. 99% of the time someone goes into your mailbox there caught and sent to jail. So which one do you really think is safer. And paying your bills online is not cheaper unless that computer you bought,electricity to run it,and internet service are free

  • cheryl

    Absolutely true. This article makes no sense at all.