Video: Author finds his missing books for sale on Amazon via the USPS

A Denver-area man shipped nine boxes of his own book to be sold at a conference in Georgia, but four of those boxes never made it.

“Slight problem. 88 of the books did not arrive at the conference,” said Chuck Blakeman. “The U.S. Postal System said they were lost.”

When Blakeman inquired about filing a claim, he was told he had to wait 30 days. He did not have to wait long to find them. Around the same time the books should have arrived in Georgia, he said found them listed for sale online through Amazon.

“Found quite a few of these on sale, used, on the site, which doesn’t seem possible because they’re not out in the public yet. This is a new edition,” said Blakeman.

He emailed the seller, Big River Books, and discovered a new marketplace that even we didn’t know about. “They said they bought them at a Postal Service Auction Center in Atlanta,” said Blakeman. “I didn’t know there was such a thing.”

Source: The U.S. Postal Service sends lost mail items to Atlanta to be claimed or auctioned online – 7NEWS Denver