Video: Prescription medication delays frustrate Knoxville disabled veteran

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A disabled army veteran is upset because his prescription medication is sometimes delayed by the United States Postal Service. He says his medications, sent from Mountain Home Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Johnson City, have ended up in the wrong part of the state on multiple occasions.

Doug Knight can’t walk. He’s been in a wheelchair for nearly a year. Both of his knees are scarred by surgery. To kill the pain he depends on high-powered prescription medication.

Those medications, along with certain other schedule II narcotics are only available in a 28 day supply. Every month he must call his doctor and then wait for it to be delivered. But, nearly two months ago he says a supply of pain medication didn’t arrive as expected.

“Back in May, my prescription got to Knoxville, then ended up in Memphis,” said Doug Knight. He immediately called the post office, but couldn’t get a clear answer about where his medication was. He got a nurse from Mountain Home to call the postal service and they eventually told her the medication was in Memphis.

Source: Prescription medication delays frustrate Knoxville disabled veteran | WATE 6 On Your Side

  • Jess

    Its getting that way everywhere, We need to bring back delivery standards NOW !!!

  • HeWho SpeaksTruths

    How does “delivery standards” change the fact that the wrong address was put on the pills. The thing that’s got to change is people not even knowing how to address an envelope. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have seen someone send a package home from their vacation or ordered something, only to receive it a week later because they wrote or gave out, their OWN address wrong.

  • ben franklin

    Who said anything about the address being wrong? The guy said the USPS told him they “put the wrong label on it”. It may or may not have been the post office’s fault- but if the USPS didn’t return it promptly to the VA so they could rectify any issues, it becomes the USPS’s fault. “Delivery standards” are involved because the USPS has increased the time it takes to deliver stuff- that means that if there’s a mistake, it will take even longer to correct it. That’s entirely the fault of the USPS.