USPS to reduce the number of post office middle manager positions

naps-logoThe National Association of Postal Supervisors says the USPS has published its plan to reduce the number of Manager, Post Officer Operations (MPOO or POOM) positions, while increasing the number of Manager, Customer Service Operations (MCSO) positions. MCSOs work in large Post Offices and manage the day to day activities of several stations & branches. MPOOs provide operational oversight to large numbers of post offices within a District.

The plan would scrap the current allocation of MPOOs and MCSOs, which allows one MPOO for every 100 post offices, and 1 MCSO for every ten carrier stations. The new allocations would be based on workload. According to presentations posted by NAPS, the number of MPOOs nationwide would be reduced from 346 to 291, for a net reduction of 54. (Some of the presentation’s numbers don’t actually add up). More than half of the EAS-25 MPOO positions would be eliminated, while there would be an increase in lower level positions. There would no longer be a Senior MPOO position.

The proposal would actually increase the number of MCSO positions from 144 to 162, for a net gain of 18. All MCSOs would be EAS-23, except for 25 EAS-25 positions at offices which have level 24 stations.

Presentations in .pdf format are available at the website of The National Association of Postal Supervisors

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