USPS to reduce the number of post office middle manager positions

naps-logoThe National Association of Postal Supervisors says the USPS has published its plan to reduce the number of Manager, Post Officer Operations (MPOO or POOM) positions, while increasing the number of Manager, Customer Service Operations (MCSO) positions. MCSOs work in large Post Offices and manage the day to day activities of several stations & branches. MPOOs provide operational oversight to large numbers of post offices within a District.

The plan would scrap the current allocation of MPOOs and MCSOs, which allows one MPOO for every 100 post offices, and 1 MCSO for every ten carrier stations. The new allocations would be based on workload. According to presentations posted by NAPS, the number of MPOOs nationwide would be reduced from 346 to 291, for a net reduction of 54. (Some of the presentation’s numbers don’t actually add up). More than half of the EAS-25 MPOO positions would be eliminated, while there would be an increase in lower level positions. There would no longer be a Senior MPOO position.

The proposal would actually increase the number of MCSO positions from 144 to 162, for a net gain of 18. All MCSOs would be EAS-23, except for 25 EAS-25 positions at offices which have level 24 stations.

Presentations in .pdf format are available at the website of The National Association of Postal Supervisors

  • guest

    good all they do is sit in front of a computer all day and tell everyone how to run their office, alhough they couldn’t run one when they were in one.

  • ben franklin

    And what kind of math is it that says a reduction in positions is an increase in positions? The people who lose their positions, assuming they can find another position, will get saved salary for two years. Then they’ll get paid whatever the salary of the lower level position is. For many of these people, the likely landing spot would have been a postmaster job somewhere- but there are a lot less of them than there used to be, and a lot got filled when they RIFed postmasters a while back.

    I’m not saying they’re going to end up homeless, but saying this is an “net gain” for management positions is stupid. It’s no different than what happens to bargaining unit employees who “lose” their jobs. Not one of them got laid off, and many are probably making MORE than they did before, thanks to all the overtime the USPS has been giving! If it bothers you, you can always take your “skills” elsewhere!

  • retired too

    the one that needs watching is you

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

    Guess again. When I work ten hours, I get paid for ten hours. That isn’t overtime rate for the extra two hours is a major rip off, but that’s the way it is.

  • mike

    give them a mailbag to help carry in the dead of winter, hot summer days and deliver pkgs on sundays and holidays.

  • rudy

    most managers began as either clerks or carriers

  • tony

    I think carriers ought to get paid zero overtime, see if they like it..

  • retired too

    I think if you don’t like the situation you chose you should feel free to pick up a satchel

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    And within a few weeks of starting, their buddy in management pulled them off the work floor. That is the story of most managers.

  • E.A.Ess

    It’s 35 minutes.

  • Rocky

    What EAS employee makes less than $50,440 per year? none should be making less than $58,400 per year,the top pay for a highest level Clerk or Carrier.

  • Postal Pete

    But do they get night differential and Sunday Premium pay?


    This is BS… We need more positions for Management… I can get out to work on my Golf swing until 2 pm now

  • I See No Common Sense

    We have a recently appointed carrier supervisor in our office who is the respected age of 23, with less than two years working at the Post Office. If you can’t carry mail, or be a mial clerk or mail handler, put ’em in supervision. If you know how to lie, and have poor personal financial skills, poor speaking skills, and poor people skills, you will go far! No other company in the world would put such inept, inexperienced people in supervision.

  • postalnews

    Level 23 and below do.

  • postalnews

    Here’s what the ELM says:

    “FLSA special exempt employees in EAS–18 positions and below are eligible for EAS additional pay if authorized to work over 8.5 hours on a scheduled day or any hours on a nonscheduled day, even while on a temporary assignment such as to an OIC position. When authorized work exceeds 8.5 hours on a scheduled day, EAS additional pay is received for the first half hour as well as for the authorized work over 8.5 hours.”

  • porkeypapa

    I’ve been saying the same thing for 30+ years………….

  • wererabbit

    Tony, nice childish remark. Great example of why middle managers like you are being removed

  • Dr.Zeus

    Moved around,never removed.

  • Postal Pete

    Management at the top should have stopped that,they don’t have a labor contract like craft employees do so they should get premium pay.

  • Jonah Rochette

    (Some of the presentation’s numbers don’t actually add up)

  • Piastadik

    It’s about time total waste of time listening to idiots (POMS ) who do nothing to help, waste our time and credit for stations success although they did nothing. Revert all their positions and put them back in stations, ha ha. Westchester District should get rid of their idiot Nonhuman Resource Manager Lukas and his merry band of nitwits in Delivery, Safety and the District NonManager Conte

  • Larry Croft

    We just got a new one at our office, This article is BS!

  • RC

    It’s old…2015

  • LJB

    Blame yourselves. Someone in the station should have stepped up and applied.

  • MOOMAR81

    We don’t need more managers or supervisors we need more employees who actually do the work

  • RmS

    Treat PSE’s with some respect and give them @least 40hrs if there work at there local office