Video: Citing safety, USPS halts delivery to residents of Virginia town- but UPS carries on

Campbell County, VA –  Mail carriers deal with all the elements: snow, rain and even the heat.Most of the time nothing keeps them from getting through. But in one community, the road is getting the blame.

It’s a road rarely traveled in Campbell County: Mount Vista Drive, with gravel and road at its surface. Dane and Mary Beth Thompson drive it everyday.

“I haven’t had a problem going down with the exception of three or four inches of snow,” said Dane Thompson.

Residents say they received a letter in their mailbox Friday. It reads, “your mail will be held at the Post Office until streets are fixed, due to safety.”

It’s not just on Mount Vista. Residents on Cresthill Road, Nighthawk Road and Kingswood Lane in the Holiday Forest area, also say they aren’t getting mail.

“Yes,” said Steve Romnie, a resident on Cresthill Road, when asked if he feels the roads are safe. “Yes they are.”

“[The Post Office is saying] that it’s not safe, not safe for the mail delivery person. But what is not safe about it?” questioned Dane Thompson.

Tad Kelley, corporate communications with the US Postal Service, says he will look into the issue.

At this time, it appears to be just a Post Office issue. While out on Mount Vista Road Tuesday afternoon, ABC 13 saw a UPS truck driving up and down the road earlier. – ABC13

Source: Delivery Halted: Residents Say No Mail For Days – – ABC13