South Dakota CCA charged with mail theft

Daniel Newman, a City Carrier Assistant (CCA) from Rapid City South Dakota, has been indicted on charges of mail theft, according to court filings. The indictment alleges that Newman stole “U.S. currency, gift cards, and other items of value” from the mail between November 1, 2014, and March 5, 2015. Newman was arrested on Friday, and according to news reports, entered a not guilty plea. Trial is scheduled to begin on August 25.

  • A carrier

    This CCA program is a broken program. The Service and the Union must take a step back to look at ways to improve the system. While I understand that for years we have been understaffed, it is time to stop this mass hiring. The Union must stop only looking at only collecting dues and the Service must look at only capturing overtime. Make this job a respectable job again and close the revolving door.

  • RaiderRo

    Agreed. I think we should streamline this business and get attractable candidates. If we went to a 5-day work week, I think we could attract many people fed up with their crappy corporate jobs and come here. Lots of people have done that.

  • Mr.Zip

    That will have to be brought up next year in arbitration after the NALC contract expires.All Brennan cares about is the cheap labor.

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    Really? People are going to leave a high paid corporate job and become a CCA, making $15 an hour, minimum benefits, crappy hours, utter morons for bosses???

  • cbfour12

    Now don’t imply that cca’s are solely responsible for theft as I’ve read instances of regulars stealing and looting for years. I’m a cca and I’m a good one. What I’ve noticed from the regulars is they all whine and complain when they are given extra

  • retired too

    You should be paid what you’re worth so they’d stop getting too many bad apples mixed in with the good ones.