NALC says Department of Labor rejects David Noble’s challenge of NALC presidential election result, but requests new election for director of retirees

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

NALC-LOGOThe U.S. Department of Labor has advised the NALC that it has rejected complaints filed by four unsuccessful candidates in the 2014 election of national officers, with one exception: At the Department’s request, NALC will conduct a special election for the office of director of retired members.

As previously reported, in December 2014, the National Election Committee received appeals submitted by candidate for national president David Noble, candidate for national trustee Eryca Bloom, candidate for vice president Deidre Beal and candidate for assistant secretary-treasurer Sharella Spikes. The committee met at NALC National Headquarters in Washington, DC, during the week of Jan. 6 to review the election-result appeals.

The committee’s decision was to deny the appeals.

Each of the four appellants subsequently filed election protests with the Department of Labor, which has advised NALC that its investigative findings do not provide a basis for action by the department to set aside the protested election.

However, the department also advised the NALC that it did not agree with the National Election Committee’s decision to reject the nomination of Minneapolis Branch 9 member Ken Ring for the office of director of retired members. In August of 2014, the committee determined that three nominations for national officer positions did not meet the requirements for certification under the terms of the NALC Constitution, and committee members voted unanimously to disqualify all three.

In the case of candidate Ring, the committee found that the nomination/acceptance form submitted on his behalf during the 2014 convention in Philadelphia did not contain his handwritten signature.

Ring’s disqualification resulted in the uncontested election of Corvallis, OR Branch 1274 member Ron Watson as director of retired members.

The Department of Labor found that the nomination/acceptance form submitted on behalf of candidate Ring had an electronic signature. It further concluded that neither the form nor the NALC’s notice of nominations, as published in The Postal Record, provided sufficient notice that a handwritten signature was required.

During a teleconference conducted on June 2, the NALC Executive Council unanimously agreed to accept the Department of Labor’s request to conduct a special election for director of retired members between Watson and Ring.

Under the terms of a compliance agreement signed by NALC President Fredric Rolando on June 5, the election will be conducted before Oct. 15, 2015.

Source: NALC to conduct special election for director of retired members | National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

  • David Noble

    While NALC has reported that DOL rejected my challenge, DOL has not said that to me, and your story uses as its source only the NALC Bulletin. I’ve asked DOL and they’ve declined to state whether my appeal is open or closed.

  • The Koch Brothers

    Where does Noble get the money to file all these lawsuits and challenges? He’s supposedly just a retired letter carrier, but he comes up with plenty of cash for suits that go nowhere, and seem designed to damage labor unions. He says he’s fighting for the NALC membership, but the members voted against him by a 4-1 margin last year. Something smells fishy about him.

  • retired carrier

    I don’t think he’s in league with the anti-union groups- he’s just a little delusional. He thought he had uncovered a huge scandal 20 odd years ago that would make him the hero of the NALC. But no one cared about his “revelations”. The conventions approved the so-called under the table payments, so they weren’t under the table any more, and the people he accused kept getting re-elected by the members. He’s just bitter that he threw away a chance to be a big shot labor union boss for nothing. Now he’s obsessed with it- pretty sad, really.