Video: USPS looking for 700 new (non-career) hires in Indiana

An Indiana TV station carried this announcement that the USPS is looking for 700 new Rural Carrier Associates in the state. It also warned applicants that the postal service will not accept applications sent via the postal service… (And yes, that’s a video of a UPS driver, not a postal service employee!)

Source: U.S. Postal Service looking for 700 new hires |

  • Old Mailman

    So if they are hiring non-career employees,then why is USPS management demanding the removal of the layoff protection that has been in the APWU and NRLC (Rural Carriers) contracts for years? They actually think the arbitrators deciding the terms of their next contracts will give them the right to layoff career employees and replace them with more low paid slaves called PSE’s and CCA’s?

  • AliciA

    I was particularly impressed that they showed the UPS Driver and not a Postal Carrier. You can’t change Stupid!!!

  • Guest

    Nobody ever said the people running the Postal Service were smart, I doesn’t require a college degree to get into management,just connections.

  • AliciA

    I know, I worked there for 32 yrs.

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