Fire engulfs mail truck in Washington state

Another LLV has gone up in flames, this time in southern Washington state:

The female United States Postal Service worker was driving along her route north of Battle Ground when she noticed smoke coming from the hood of the vehicle, said Clark County Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief Mike Jackson.

She pulled over in the 31000 block of Northeast 95th Avenue and called 911 before getting all of the mail out of the truck.

“So, there was no mail damaged or destroyed,” said Peter Hass, spokesman for the USPS.

The LLV was destroyed.

Source: Fire engulfs mail truck in north Clark County | The Columbian

  • Harry Turetsky

    So the truck could have burst into flames as she was saving the mail. Risk my life to save the mail? I don’t think so. She should probably get a letter of warning for an unsafe act.

  • Mail man

    I wouldn’t be surprised if her supervisor told her to risk her life to save the mail

  • Retired

    Move on. Nothing to see here. This has been about the 12th LLV in last 10 years to go up in flames! Management and the NALC don’t seem to really care about “Carrier Safety”, just don’t miss an MSP scan point!

  • Roger Doger

    Pretty good odds your truck is not going up in smoke. Considering the age of the vehicles and the number on the road.

    What do you want the NALC to do? They can’t force management to buy new vehicles with money they don’t have.