Video: Roanoke APWU official sheds light on delay of postal consolidation plan

The U.S. Postal Service cited “operational considerations,” and the need to ensure “prompt, reliable and predictable service,” when it announced it will delay its consolidation plan.

A local union leader says the facility in Greensboro that was slated to process Roanoke’s mail cannot handle the increase.

Carlton Cooper is the President of American Postal Workers Union Local 482.

He says Roanoke’s mail now goes to Greensboro to be cancelled. Then he says, 60 to 80 percent of it is hauled back to Roanoke for processing.

“You need to fight for first class service for a first class stamp,” Cooper told WDBJ7 Thursday morning. “And I know that the postal service is not coming to their end of the bargain.”

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Source: Union leader sheds light on delay of postal consolidation plan | Local News – Central and Southwest VA

  • drd

    The bunch in management are a bunch of liars!