Video: carrier tosses parcel backwards over 12 foot fence

From YouTube:

“This USPS employee delivering my package to my store while er’re closed decides he doesn’t want to come back to deliver it. Instead he throws my package over the 12ft fence.”

  • Nancy

    Well he tried to deliver it…there was probably no signature required. he should have just kept it and left a note advising him to pick up the package, that i’m sure would have blown away somewhere.

  • maillady01

    You don’t leave a notice at a closed business; you re-attempt delivery on the next business day. Lazy idiot.

  • IIlIIl111

    No uniform…..Prob a Non-career employee (CCA). No incentive to do the job properly.
    Congress gets what it (doesn’t) pay for…………………..

  • Michael Bernier

    Wait. Youre joking right? Do you go about everyday blaming EVERYTHING on congress? Lame. SOOOO, youre telling me that this person has NO INCENTIVE to do his job properly because he is NON CAREER??? Why does anyone with a job need such incentive to do his job properly? So getting paid 15 dollars an hour with the possibility of becoming (career) has NO INCENTIVE? So youre basically excusing his actions because CONGRESS did not make him a career employee right off the bat?

  • Retired USPS ET

    What @lllll111 is referring to is that Congress mandated a pre-payment of health benefits of future USPS retires 75 years into the future, payable within a ten year time frame (something NO other entity is faced with, nor could afford without confronting financial ruin) amounting to a $5.5 billion yearly burden placed upon the USPS.
    To offset the expense, and rather than rescind or contest such an asinine raid upon the its coffers, upper brass, politicos, and others who might enjoy “sweetheart” deals from the fallout have developed equally asinine plans to deal with it. Besides selling off profitable facilities for pennies on the dollar (many of historic and strategic significance) they have also hired a second-tier workforce at very low wages with little hope for a stable future or livable wages. Ergo, they have little incentive to do the job well.
    Congress is INDEED where the blame rests and, thus far, has refused to act on bills that have been presented to correct this unnecessary, uncalled for, abomination.

  • Troy Jelley

    Doesn’t look good but many of my customers would prefer that I do this in order for them to receive it as soon and conveniently as possible. Provided the location was secure and the package was not fragile. Whether it is marked or not an experienced carrier can tell by the weight, balance, sender and receiver if the package is likely to be fragile. Don’t judge too quickly when you do not have all of the facts.

  • Old Mailman

    Actually the blame for the increase in non-career employees who tend to steal more and do something like this and are poorly trained goes to USPS management and the arbitrator in the NALC contract for imposing it. High turnover and cases of theft and misconduct among carriers have gone up dramatically since they were allowed to hire more non-career carriers.

  • Mail Handler

    The Postal Service has not paid the $5.5 billion tax bill,which is what it really is for 3 years and will not until the law expires in 2017.And all of the bills that came from Darrell Issa’s committee were terribly written to make the situation worse,not better for the Postal Service.Why should the Postal Service “prefund” retiree’s healthcare when they are off the rolls and pay 100% for their healthcare insurance upon retirement?

  • Tony

    That comment right there illustrates to me that you have no ability to realize right from wrong, despite what you claim your customers tell you! You are entrusted by the mailing public to do the job with both a seriousness of purpose and in a dignified manner! You obviously do not appreciate your salary or job, so do the right thing and resign! Wal-Mart needs you!

  • retired too

    Perhaps, but the video time stamp indicates a Thursday just before 9am. A notice is appropriate since the customer could retrieve the parcel same day if they desired. Additionally if the package was scanned attempted then the customer is going to complain if a notice was not left. All this could be minimized if the USPS would use regular carriers instead of the CCA that this employee appeared to be. The last part of your post is inappropriate.

  • Robert Meegan

    he presses a button, maybe the person on the other end told him to throw it over the fence

  • Spanky Spangler

    Could it have been an Amazon parcel? If so we are required to leave at address, no leaving notices of those at my station.

  • jonnyohio

    For a business a notice is not necessary. You just scan the package “business closed” and bring it back to your supervisor for another delivery attempt the next day.

  • maillady01

    This was not necessarily a CCA; very possible it is an RCA or regular rural carrier. What makes you think it is a CCA? Inappropriate? Lazy? Idiot? Both are obviously facts.

  • maillady01

    I deliver to many businesses, and that is exactly what I do.

  • retired too

    Well let’s see. This appears to be an industrial area without curbside or NDCBU delivery. The time of day and lack of other mail , letters and flats strongly suggests an assignment to deliver parcels only. Very unlikely to be a Rural or regular carrier. Thank you for agreeing as an obvious fact that your comment was inappropriate. Assumptions are made all the time now based on videos. Who among us would be immune?

  • retired too

    If you are the regular carrier then you know when a business will be closed for the day and that’d be fine. This was a Thursday and it is an unlikely that’d be the case. Unless you know you better leave a notice if you can.

  • Troy Jelley

    I have no difficulty in determining right from wrong and I do my job while providing excellent customer service. Notice I said “many of my customers would prefer that I do this”, although I have never actually done it. I appreciate all of the aspects of my employment and furthermore, Walmart doesn’t deserve me!

  • Nancy Parks Frieden

    Watching this video to the end I notice he takes a package to another business and doesn’t get all the way back before the vehicle leaves, making me think that there are two people in the vehicle. Did anyone else notice this? If thats the case they should both be written up or better yet fired. I am an RCA and I take offense to people assuming its an RCA, CCA or what ever for all you now it could be a regular, a supervisor, anyone. And yes they are lazy, my guess is the business has a name, a phone number and a answering machine if there isn’t an appropriate place to leave a notice. You DO NOT deliver a package in that manner. Period. I deliver my customers mail the same way I would like mine to be delivered. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. I don’t care what you are being paid. At least you have a job and are being paid. You could be jobless. It’s bad postal workers like this that make the whole lot look bad. Also as far as Amazon packages I have never been told to leave it not matter what. If there was not a safe/secure place to leave I have always been told to leave a notice and bring the package back. Whats sad is more and more people these days have no pride in their jobs.

  • AD

    Doesn’t look good, agreed. Truth is some customers prefer and actually ask for this. What if it was a box paper towels. Would anyone really want to get in there car, drive through traffic and wait in line for an understaffed clerk operation to get their box of paper towels? Seems to defeat the whole purpose of delivery.

  • hollywood

    Airmail .

  • hollywood

    RCA – go get some coffee and shut up .

  • Michael

    If cameras were allowed inside package sorting facilities (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) you’d be amazed at the impact most packages take while in the “sorting” phase. Just a word to the wise, when shipping anything, be sure to pack it securely so it can withstand a freefall drop of 10′.

  • maillady01

    I wasn’t agreeing. Apparently, you find what this carrier did to be perfectly acceptable. My observation is that what he did was stupid, making him an idiot for doing so. Lazy, because he didn’t want to be bothered with redelivery. I stand by my comment.

  • maillady01

    I appreciate that you take pride in the job you do. We could use more RCA’s like you.

  • maillady01

    It seems like this video was posted by the business owner, so unlikely that this was the case.

  • retired too

    Apparently you are good at making assumptions. If that carrier tossed that package to avoid his custodial duty than it is not acceptable. However based only on a video clip there is no way to make the judgments you stated. My point is there are millions of these videos being posted on all subjects. No way am I using these clips as the sole determination of a persons actions.

  • retired too

    Thank you for taking pride in your job. The problem is with assuming too much from a video clip. Would it be cause in investigate, yep. That’s only if this customer filed a complaint which there is no indication they did. If you have time to post a video which will do nothing, you have time to file a complaint.Then these matters could be addressed and properly reported with all the circumstances. If you’ve never had a false complaint made against you it will happen and you’re going to appreciate the chance to answer it.