Video: Post office gives away man’s P.O. box by mistake

CHARLOTTE —A Charlotte man says he had a P.O. box at the uptown Charlotte post office for two decades. Then, one day, he found out the post office had given his box to someone else by mistake.

Juan Whipple started different businesses and moved often over the years. He got tired of constantly updating his address for family, friends, customers and companies billing him. So he signed up for the uptown P.O. box. “It’s extremely important. It’s a stable address,” he said. He says he used it for 22 years and everything was fine, until this month. Action 9’s Jason Stoogenke asked him, “So, you go in there, you put your key in, didn’t work after 22 years?” Whipple said, “Nothing happens.”

The post office told him it closed his box and re-issued it to someone else for some reason. He thought, “What a nightmare, having to give out a new P.O. box number.”

Source: Action 9: Post office gives away man’s P.O. box by mistake |

  • PM in Massachusetts

    This isn’t a mistake. The man did not renew his box on time (he even had a ten day grace period). After that, the Postal Service automatically closes his box. Generally, postal employees will not issue the box to someone else unless there is a waiting list. If someone opened a PO box online, they could Ben assigned that number automatically.

  • postalnews

    According to the reporter, the USPS admitted making a mistake due to some kind of computer “glitch”- it wasn’t the customer’s fault.