APWU contract talks end without an agreement

05/28/2015Contract negotiations between the American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service ended without an agreement on May 27. The USPS scuttled any prospect of reaching a deal by insisting on severe cuts in pay and benefits, despite the fact that progress had been made on many non-economic issues, President Mark Dimondstein reported. “Management’s economic demands and proposed changes to the workforce structure were completely unacceptable,” he said.

The Postal Service proposals include:

  • Eliminate cost-of-living adjustments as we know them;
  • Increase employees’ contributions to healthcare coverage;
  • Create a new, permanent lower payscale for future career employees with reduced benefits;
  • Increase the percentage of non-career employees,
  • Weaken protection against layoffs.

APWU proposals include fair and reasonable wage increases, limits on subcontracting, more career jobs, improvements for Postal Support Employees, limits on excessing, and better service for our customers, Dimondstein said.

The APWU will participate in mediation, in accordance with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, and proceed to arbitration if attempts to mediate a settlement are unsuccessful. Mediation will be conducted by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) and is expected to last 60 days.

“All the protections of the 2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement will continue in full force and effect until a new contract is reached,” Dimondstein said.

What Can Union Members Do?

“Our fight for a good contract now enters a new stage, but the role of rank-and-file union members remains critical,” President Dimondstein said.

“Your continued involvement can make a difference as we move to mediation and possibly to arbitration,” he declared.

“Postal management takes note of how many of our members are wearing union buttons, stickers and T-shirts, and how many union members participate in rallies and other activities. They take it as a sign of the union’s strength,” he said.

“I want to thank all those who stepped up to fight for a good contract. I urge every member to get involved and help keep our momentum going as we enter this new period in our struggle,” he said.

The union is calling on APWU members to make sure management sees our union strength by wearing union gear every Thursday, beginning on June 4. “This is a simple way that we can continue to demonstrate solidarity and build our campaign for a good contract,” he said.

“The ‘I Stand with Postal Workers’ postcards are an excellent way to let Postmaster General Megan Brennan know that the people of the country want what we want: Good Postal Service! Good Jobs! Good Contract! It’s important that we continue to collect signatures to keep the pressure on management,” Dimondstein said.

“Our struggle continues,” he said. “Stay strong, stay united, and keep Standing Up and Fighting Back!”


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Source: USPS Demands Cuts in Pay, Benefits, Job Security | APWU

  • Marcus1956

    Good job APWU, Postal Management is not negotiating in good faith. Let the Arbitrators decide.

  • Getstraight

    Union will keep the COLA’s, layoff protection, and a split on the healthcare contributions. Mgt. will get the lower pay scale, and increase in percentage of PSE’s. Look for an expansion in the 50 mile radius. Save the many millions on arbitration, and a waste of money on both Union and Management. Here is the new contract.


    Why, they going to get bigger bonuses next year?

  • Roger Doger

    The PMG has learned from her predecessor. Any agreement she would make would not be enough in the eyes of those in Congress that want to eliminate the middle class workers at the PO.

    All future contracts will be decided by arbitrators.

  • Mr.Mailman

    Umm…Darrell Assa’s term as the committee chairman “overseeing” the Postal Service ended and unlike Assa,Jason Chaffetz is not obsessed with destroying the Postal Service and screwng it’s employees and the Postal Service is down his list of priorities,so she needn’t worry about what Congress would think about negotiated agreements with the union.

  • Roger Doger

    That would be Issa.

    PMG Brennan was on PMG Donahoe’s leadership team, COO. She has seen the beating Donahoe took. She will not put herself in that position.

  • Bo Knows

    Nope,management will not get the lower tier pay scale and more PSE’s.The 50 excessing rule is meaningless if you read the article Guffey negotiated,it says management only has to meet with union leaders if they are going to excess beyond 50 miles,nothing in there prevents them from going beyond 50 miles.

  • Getstraight

    Bo don’t know squat.

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

    No, Mr.Mailman is right; That IS (darrell) ASSA, as in assa hole.

  • Bo Knows

    Getstraight needs to getstraight…USPS management demanded the same draconian financial givebacks from the other unions in the last contract negotiations and each arbitrator rejected them in their awards.And they won’t get another increase in the employee health care contribution or a pay freeze either from the arbitrators in the next contracts! they have no reason to give management anything but a bone this time!

  • Justdave

    Arbitration in my experience is not the best decision. As a former TE the arbritrator decided that it was a great idea that we lost all of the cola and contractual raises we received over the last 6 years. But since we aren’t allowed to stop working what power do the unions hold?

  • Mr.Mailman

    Assa had to make a show of it and browbeat Donahoe when he had him before his committee after the APWU CBA was signed.And in that hearing Donahoe asked Congress to void that deal even though he and management got a sweetheart CBA from the APWU that they able to dictate the terms of.No,when the cameras were turned off Assa shook Donahoe’s hand and congratulated him for negotiating a one sided agreement in management’s favor.

  • Getstraight

    What you are saying is that the Arbitrator will give to the Union all their demands? Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. It’s called give and take. Mgt. gets something, the Union gets something, so on, and so forth. In Arbitration, no side gets entirely everything they’ve asked for. Get ready for some give backs.

  • Roger Doger

    Did someone see this?

  • Mr. Mailman

    All of those hearings that Donahoe and the union presidents were called to by Assa were on C-Span.Anyone who watches it interested in postal service issues saw it.

  • Zeus

    The union isn’t demanding anything,only what they have had and it’s management that is that is demanding all the ridiculous wage givebacks that they won’t get,since they won’t have a strong case to make since the Postal Service is not losing money and the arbitrator is under no obligation to give them anything.Management already got their givebacks from the arbitrators in the last contract negotiations with the increase in non-career employees and the employee contribution to their health care and the 2 year pay freeze.Look for the arbitrators in these next contracts to give them only a minor giveback this time.

  • Mr.Mailman

    You are correct,Darrell is an Assahole and a thug if you read about his shady past and is not fit to be a Congressman.

  • Roger Doger

    You said after the cameras were turned off.

  • JLO

    I have been in limbo because of 50 mi clause.No Positions available so on assignment and traveling on the clock to closest plant.