USPS issues statement on deferral of plant closings

beakinaboxThe Postal Service has decided to defer most of the plant consolidations that were scheduled to take place this summer as the final stage of its Network Rationalization Initiative. The Network Rationalization Initiative is the multi-phase, multi-year effort announced in 2011 to balance mail processing infrastructure costs against current and anticipated mail volumes and successfully right-size the postal processing network. The decision to defer the next phase of the initiative was based upon operational considerations, and was made to ensure that the Postal Service will continue to provide prompt, reliable and predictable service consistent with the published service standards. The planned consolidation activities will resume in 2016. The Postal Service will continue to implement network efficiencies and to pursue service performance improvements as it has always done.

Source: Recent Statements

  • bigdaradkovz

    oh duh now lets not close the plants, but duh we will next year duhhhhhh

  • Mailmover

    This is messed up! We were given excessing letters May 13, we were forewarned in March. Being a single homeowner, I began clearing things out that I didn’t need, had a huge yard sale, sold a 2nd vehicle and sold my home. Now I’m stuck having to look for a place to rent, that I can afford and accepts pets…..

    USPS Management, put yourself in your employee’s shoes and see how it feels to be jerked around and messed over time and time again! I can guess what it would be like if I was married, the stress on the family would be unbearable!

  • TGIRetired

    The USPS has no idea how these decisions affect the impacted employees,and the sad thing is they don’t care.It does not affect them and that’s the bottom line.And of course they have no real explanation of why they are holding of until 2016.They will never admit that mail delays caused by existing plant closures and consolidations are the real reason for delaying future closings.That and they want to put new package sortation machines on line in some of the plants also.

  • Val Nostdahl

    the prefunding mandate ends in 2016, then the real privatization efforts will take off..