Vehicle upgrades a crucial investment, USPS CFO says

LLV fleetReplacing the Postal Service’s delivery fleet is necessary to the organization’s future, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett told a congressional panel May 21.

New vehicles will ensure USPS is able to fulfill its obligation to provide prompt, reliable and efficient services for the nation, he said.

“In order to effectively meet the needs of our customers and employees, the Postal Service must invest in and maintain its existing infrastructure, and our delivery fleet is a critical component,” Corbett said.

The CFO testified before the House Government Operations Subcommittee, which oversees postal matters.

USPS wants to secure new right-hand drive vehicles to “accommodate a diverse mail mix, enhance safety, improve service, reduce emissions and produce savings,” he said.

The current fleet has about 210,000 vehicles. These include Long Life Vehicles (LLVs), which had a “planned useful life” of approximately 24 years when USPS acquired them.

The operational efficiency, safety and technology are very outdated, Corbett said.

“Our current delivery vehicles are rapidly nearing the end of their useful life and it is now time to move into the future with a new generation of vehicles that will better serve customers, employees and the American public,” Corbett said.

The CFO’s testimony will be posted to the Newsroom site.

Source: USPS News Link Story – Moving into the future

  • Surprise!

    Even more important than new vehicles is a chance for the United States Postal Service to waist money. So, lets solve two problems with one move.

    The Postal Service has agreed that the EMA paid to Rural Letter Carriers is fair compensation to purchase and maintain a delivery vehicle. I don’t see many Rural Carriers complaining about this deal either.

    All that we need to do is apply the same financial standard to Postal Service vehicles. Another words we cut the amount of money the Postal Service is spending on vehicle maintenance in half and have the Postal Service maintain and purchase vehicles out of that amount of money.

    It is time for the Postal Service to stop wasting money and then to claim they don’t have any.

  • Eric Simon

    Another craft employee without a CLUE! ” Just a format to run their lips”. Surprise

  • retired too

    There is an arrogant bitterness in your words. Also who are you quoting?

  • MikeS

    They better hurry up and start buying new vehicles! At the rate the LLVs are catching fire it won’t be long before were in a crisis trying to keep carriers on the road.

  • Surprise!

    Good insult but you supplied no content, Eric Simon