Rural carrier contract talks reach impasse

From Postcom:

On May 20, negotiations on a new labor contract between the United States Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) came to an impasse. The parties will continue to follow the current agreement until a new contract is reached through the dispute resolution process. The NRLCA represents more than 116,000 employees who deliver mail primarily in rural and suburban areas.

Source: Postal news from around the world

  • hollywood

    No surprise here , there will be no more negotiated contracts in any craft .

  • Surprise!

    It may not be a surprise but the NRLCA is caught unprepared every time.

  • jim

    make all rural routes 8 hours !!! our rd carriers r back at 100 almost everyday

  • Roger Doger

    They are paid a salary. Based on the size of the route and average amount of mail delivered. Each route is paid a different amount.

    It doesn’t matter if they have a heavy load one day, or a light the next. They get paid the same.

  • Roger Doger

    Correct. Donahoe took it in the shorts with Congress when he came to a settlement with the Clerks on the last contract. If they send all future contract to arbitration, they can say “it wasn’t my idea”.

  • Moe Biller

    Issa should have praised Donahoe for all the giveaways and givebacks he got his pal,Cliff Guffey to sign off on! the APWU would have done a lot better if Dimondstein were there the last time and they went to arbitration. And management got the arbitrators to chip away at our pay and benefits last time around and their high priced labor lawyers think they will win even more givebacks from the arbitrators this time.

  • truth hurts

    You can blame Guffey and management all you want, but it was the rank and file membership of the APWU that overwhelmingly approved that contract.

  • Roger Doger

    Issa didn’t think Donahoe took enough away from the APWU.

  • Zeus

    The APWU members who voted for it were too stupid to see Guffey and his minions were turds and Donahoe lackeys,management is not to blame for their stupidity, they were and are out to crush the unions,and they did crush the APWU,somehow the members woke up and got rid of those scums.Very skeptical though that 75% of the rank and file voted yes to pay cuts,pay freezes and 30 hour a week bids to replace full time bids.

  • truth hurts

    “Very skeptical” about the ratification vote? So you think Guffey rigged it? Then why didn’t he rig the national officers election? I haven’t seen anyone suggest publicly that there was anything suspicious about the ratification vote- including Dimondstein and Burris, both of whom would certainly have screamed bloody murder!. Face the facts- Guffey negotiated a lousy contract, but the members approved it. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  • TeflonPalin

    But they get OT in December? After going home early all year?

  • TeflonPalin

    The USPS would never agree to making city carriers evaluated. They would have to cut each city route 2-3 hours per day so they could be back in 5-6 hours on an average day like the rurals are now. Or,if they kept the routes the same,the evaluated scale would have to be 20-30% higher than the rurals to compensate for the extra work that is done.

  • Roger Doger

    They don’t “go home early”. They get paid a salary for the “average” amount of work preformed during the evaluation period.

    The 3 weeks before Christmas are extra heavy. So yes, they receive OT pay. Unfortunately like in any situation, some “milk the clock”.

  • here too long

    I remember as a past 204B almost all our city carriers would 701 everyday . If no computer program telling them what to do they would still 701 at a higher rate of pay than the average rural carrier

  • MVS Driver

    If you read Burrus blogs before he shut it down he was suspicious of the results they claimed that 75% of the votes were yes to ratification and those union officers who questioned the results or what the leadership was doing stayed quiet knowing that they would be removed,which happened to a local president in Philadelphia.Under Guffey and his minions,there was no transparency in the APWU and the members who didn’t bother to read what they were voting for were mislead by the leadership.

  • Mr.Postman

    I didn’t know the NRLCA’s contract was also up,they sure try to stay under the radar and there has been very little news on their negotiations until now.Good luck in arbitration.

  • truth hurts

    Nope- not buying it. I don’t recall Burrus questioning the accuracy of the count. And obviously, no one is afraid of Guffey any more, so there’s no reason to keep quiet about it. If there was any shred of evidence that the vote was rigged, there would have been civil and criminal actions long ago. And like I said before- if Guffey had rigged the contract vote, he certainly would have rigged the leadership election too.

    APWU members own this contract.

  • threer21

    The impasse probably stems from engineering study. This was mandated after an arbitration that indicated standards were so old they were meaningless. It was to be a 3 year study with engineers chosen from both sides and “neutral” engineer. Time motion driving scanning; all the things that add up to determine hours for route. As soon as USPS realized how much it was going to cost them they balked at study until arbitrator started to threatening them. Got back into it figuring they would slide something in the back door later. When they realized how bad it was going to be for them I think they said screw it. My hope, go to hourly system: FLSA A instead of evaluation. THAT WAY, milk the clock on slow days, ask for help on heavy days, have lots of managers working for other managers following every one around to let us know how to do our jobs. Better for USPS-lots of new management positions for managing rural carriers (who, after all, are self managed) so the clerks who are excessed and can’t do the delivery jobs will have some where to go

  • Surprise!

    Wrong, Rural Carriers move more mail for less money than City Carriers.


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