CWU calls for Royal Mail to prioritise growth after decent results

Responding to Royal Mail’s annual results, released today (Thursday), the CWU described them as a decent set of results for this year, whilst calling on the company to work harder at delivering growth.

Dave Ward, CWU general secretary-elect, said:

“The results produced by Royal Mail today are decent, and show Royal Mail can go forward in good shape.

“These results have been delivered by improving productivity and the hard of work of postal workers. Those workers have shown they have supported the need to change to build growth in the business.

“I am today calling on Royal Mail to show they have the same drive and commitment for growth and innovation and call on them to work with CWU to deliver it.”

Commenting on the decline in the letters market, Dave added:

“However, we also recognise the note of caution that that there remains a structural decline in the letters market of 4 per cent. Therefore, the union again calls on the regulator Ofcom, to recognise this clear fact and to stop blindly increasing the competition in the sector.

“The recent announcement by Whistl that they have discontinued their delivery operation is a clear sign of the overcrowded postal market; and jobs will continue to be lost if the regulator fails to change its approach.

“Ofcom’s approach to competition is a continuous threat to jobs, as well as to terms and conditions as they push for a race to the bottom.

“Ofcom has also failed to understand the impact of unfair competition on the universal service obligation (USO) and we would remind them again, safeguarding the USO is their primary obligation.”