Video: Here’s Why You May Never Need to Go to a Post Office Again…

… provided you live in certain parts of four cities in the US, and are prepared to pay a $5 premium per pickup (on top of actual shipping charges):

Rebecca goes one-on-one with Shyp CEO Kevin Gibbons who is revolutionizing the postal industry.

Kind of amazing how you can “revolutionize the postal industry” when your service is only available in limited parts of four large cities in the US! Shyp’s $5 fee does cover up to 20 packages per pickup. So it might be a good deal for, say, an eBay shipper in lower Manhattan. Whether it will appeal to more than a niche market remains to be seen. Remember too, that Shyp only “revolutionizes” the parcel pickup part of the shipping process. The actual transportation and delivery of your package is handled by the Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS.

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Source: Here’s Why You May Never Need to Go to a Post Office Again Video – ABC News

  • Van Lingle Mungo

    That’s an awesome idea…… except that we at the postal service will do that for no additional charge as long as there is 1 piece of priority mail included. And we don’t limit it to 20 pieces. It’s whatever you have. So in summary, if you pay this company, you are a total rube.

  • Cliff Clavin

    Did you watch the video? It explains more than just pickup. They will also package your items. A lot of customers would find this very appealing because it can save them time, money, and not having to do the actual work (laziness).

    Unless you do a lot of shipping, you don’t have to buy a lot of shipping materials, scales, computer, label printers, etc, and have to keep all this around your home.

    If you ship a few items a year, just pick up your smartphone, have Shyp come by, pick it up, pay them, and that’s it.

    This could be a good revenue idea for the USPS. Have the letter carriers pick up items that customers want shipped, return them to the office, have the clerks box them up, and ship them out – for a fee. This would work great for smaller items that fit into our flat-rate boxes.

    If I were working at Le Enfant Plaza, I’d watch this company to see if what they are doing will actually work. Let them do all the test marketing. If their system works, it should work for the USPS.