Missing mail? Postal carriers admit to trashing thousands of letters in Chesterfield and Henrico, Virginia

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Two U.S. postal carriers have admitted to trashing thousands of pieces of mail that should have been delivered to homes across Central Virginia, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court. Both postal carriers were issued citations for their actions and offered different excuses for why they threw out, instead of delivered, the mail.

In April, more than 1,000 pieces of mail were discovered in a dumpster outside a church on Harrowgate Road in Chester. When asked why the mail he was entrusted to deliver was found in the trash, postal carrier Eric Marshall told investigators he just could not keep up with the delivery deadline established by the postal service.

Source: Missing mail? Postal carriers admit to trashing thousands of letters in Chesterfield and Henrico | WTVR.com

  • MrZip

    One of the surest ways to end your career.

  • TGIRetired

    Their is no excuse whatsoever to throw mail in a dumpster;however,if these carriers were CCA’s that is an underlying problem the USPS needs to address.To many instances have been occurring and many causes for this exist.To much pressure and verbal threats are aimed at these CCA’s.from management to get done in 8 hours and most times they have 9-10 hours of work to do.This is justified by the lower wages and little in the way of benefits that they have and telling them they can be easily replaced.Their is very minimal training as well ad many CCA carriers don’t really have any kind of incentive to stay at a job where constant harassment and threats are occurring on a daily basis.Better training and a little compassion from management would be the best way to help alleviate these issues.

  • Mr.Postman

    They are almost always CCA’s who dump mail into the trash,regular carriers are their for a career and wouldn’t risk their jobs and have a felony on their record.The arbitrator allowing management to double the percentage of non-career carriers has been a disaster.