Video: USPS continues to owe parking tickets, break parking laws in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s been six weeks since a KSL investigation revealed the worst parking offenders in Salt Lake City: employees of the United States Postal Service. The USPS owes the city tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid parking tickets. That hasn’t changed, and from what KSL Investigators have witnessed, postal workers are still breaking city laws. “How many (tickets) have you gotten?” KSL reporter Mike Headrick asked one postal worker. “Oh, probably about 40 in the past year,” he answered.

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  • Sigh….

    There are two Supreme Court cases that ruled USPS exempt from state and local citations.

    The reason for this is that state and local governments have tried to milk the Postal Service for parking citations, while the Postal Service was simply trying to deliver the mail as efficiently and safely as possible.

    I wonder if they’re doing the same thing to UPS and FedEx?

    Delivering the mail in major metros is dangerous and difficult enough, without expecting a carrier dropping off two packages over a 30 second time period to find a parking place, walk three blocks to a business, deliver whatever, walk back and then back the vehicle into traffic.

    The best way to handle this would be to tell Salt Lake City that the citations would be paid with the understanding that door delivery to all areas with restricted parking would be eliminated and cluster boxes would be installed in areas where parking was available.

    The Postal Service is an entity created by the Constitution to provide universal service, not fix budget shortfalls in grasping municipalities.

    This article should be titled “Salt Lake City Harasses Postal Service Carriers with Pointless Traffic Citations”.

  • Michael Bernier

    FED EX AND UPS are not government employees

  • Michael Bernier

    GOVERNMENT VEHICLES ARE EXEMPT from state and city citations. This news is a waste of time

  • Patty

    Duh. That’s what Sigh is pointing out. If they don’t cite other delivery companies, why continue to harass the Postal Service?

  • postalnews

    Not true. This is from the GSA web site:

    What are my responsibilities when I use a Government motor vehicle?

    You must obey all motor vehicle traffic laws of the state and local
    jurisdiction, except when the duties of your position require otherwise.
    You are personally responsible if you violate state or local traffic
    laws. If you are fined or otherwise penalized for an offense you commit
    while performing your official duties, but which was not required as
    part of your official duties, payment is your personal responsibility
    (FMR § 102-34.250).

    If you are fined for a parking violation while operating a motor
    vehicle owned or leased by the Government, you are responsible for
    paying the fine and will not be reimbursed (FMR § 102-34.256).

    So unless the USPS is willing to take responsibility, the parking ticket is yours.

    In the city where I used to work, the police generally ignored routine parking violations by USPS trucks, as well as UPS and FedEx as long as they didn’t present a real hazard.

  • postalnews

    So if you run a red light or drive drunk while delivering mail, you’re all set? Not likely. Even the USPS disagrees with you.