Video: Managers at San Antonio PO under investigation for clock ring discrepancies

The United States Postal Service confirmed to Eyewitness News it has an "ongoing internal investigation" at its Arsenal branch post office in San Antonio, involving payroll discrepancies.

A spokesperson for the service would not give any other statement but the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers Alamo Branch 421 gave a little more information.

Tony Boyd, president of the union’s local chapter said he knows two postal employees are on administrative leave after he and a union steward brought irregularities in postal employees "ring times" to the attention of the local postmaster and regional director.

via USPS investigating happenings at Arsenal branch post office.

  • Tony

    Don’t believe everything you read folks! The employees are slicker than ever today and know the biggest diversionary tactic with the most impact is to accuse your Managers of Clock Ring improprieties! After fully investigating the situation, then and only then act accordingly with appropriate corrective actions either way! Investigate, Validate and Act! Ignore all the rest of the noise!

  • hollywood

    You are pathetic . “Don’t believe everything you read folks ” , sounds like you should be investigated .

  • vitameatavegamin

    In the Gateway District, you get promoted or at worst, the charges mysteriously disappear if you mess with clock rings……..