Video: Letter carrier catches accused peeping Tom in the act

DENVER — A postal carrier stepped into action and stopped a peeping Tom in a Southwest Denver neighborhood.

Amos Lopez, a Navy veteran, has been delivering mail in Denver for 31 years.

“I like it and that’s why I’m still doing it,” Lopez said.

Lopez said he enjoys being outdoors and meeting the neighbors. But on his normal route the morning of April 11, he noticed someone suspicious.

“First, he was in our neighbor’s yard. He was kind of looking in the windows,” Lopez said.

Lopez said the man was walking with two dogs and headed into another yard on Tennessee and Lipan.

“As soon as he got to right here on the front porch and I said, ‘Stop, you’re on the wrong property,’ and he said, ‘This is my dog’s property,’” he said. “I was like, ‘No, it’s not. This is my own personal property. You have to get off of my yard. Just leave.’”

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