Gyrocopter pilot tells news media that USPS told him not to talk to news media

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the US Postal Service has tried to prevent rural carrier Doug Hughes from talking to the press about his protest:

TAMPA — The Ruskin mail carrier who last week flew a gyrocopter into restricted airspace over Washington D.C., to make a political statement says he has been put on paid leave with the U.S. Postal Service with orders not to discuss his story with the media.

“I was informed by the acting postmaster — and he sounded like he was reading from a script — that I was on administrative leave pending an investigation,” Hughes wrote in an email to the Tampa Bay Times. “I am NOT allowed on postal property without advance permission and I can only enter the building through the front if I do visit with permission. (This injunction always precedes a termination.) I asked about the nature of the administrative leave — it’s with pay BUT I’m not allowed to talk to the media AT ALL.”

It is another restriction that Hughes said he intends to violate. He said the move amounted to a “gag order” that he did not respect.

Read more: Ruskin gyrocopter pilot says postal officials are telling him not to talk to media | Tampa Bay Times.

  • Really?

    Please tell me the idiot will lose his job.

  • common sense

    Why should he? Unless he actually gets sent to prison, what reason does the USPS have to fire him? The only things he did wrong, as far as the postal service is concerned, were using the logo on his plane, and wearing part of his uniform while protesting. Those are hardly firing offenses!

  • no uniform

    rural carriers do not have a uniform or receive uniform allowance…he did use the usps logo and also a usps half tray to deliver the letters that is illegal

  • Eric Simon

    I suspect when the felony charge is in tact Mr Hughes can find another means for employment.

  • William P