Petitioner arrested for refusing to move from post office sidewalk in South Dakota


Those circulating petitions against the Rapid City school district tax increase have a new challenge. They can no longer collect signatures on interior sidewalks in front of the post office.

A Rapid City police officer spent the morning arguing with those carrying the clipboards. He explained that the postal service had complained and the group must relocate to the public sidewalk.

By 4:30 p.m., that argument ends with the arrest of a petitioner, 68-year-old Roberta Helmerick of Black Hawk. Helmerick was arrested for failure to vacate after receiving notice.

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  • Taxpayer

    Interesting to know that the USPS is not Public domain. Who exactly owns them anyway?

  • seenitthere2

    The Postal Service is Quasi-Government. It receives no taxpayer funds but it is controlled by Congress as it is written in the Constitution. It is designed to not make a profit and its operating budget comes from sales of stamps and other Postal items.

  • Derek

    em·i·nent do·main.
    Should be illegal.

  • TattiePie

    Your using eminent domain wrong. Eminent domain is the right of government to take private property for public use. I has nothing to do with the right of the Post Office to control “right to pass” on it’s property.

  • TattiePie

    The Postal Service is a service of the United States Government controlled by Congress, It’s not “quasi-goverment”.