Video: Wilkes-Barre Mail Carrier Hailed As Hero For Helping Toddler

WILKES-BARRE — Wilkes-Barre police took custody of a toddler after finding the child alone inside a Hazle Street apartment Friday morning. Officers said the toddler was bruised and wearing only a dirty diaper, alone in a filthy place, with a space heater on.

A mail carrier walking by the apartment heard the child’s cries for help and called police.

“I think it’s horrible and you know, I’m kind of wondering where the neighborhood is going,” said Brian McCann, who lives on Hazle Street.

The mail carrier could not speak with Newswatch 16, but people who live in the area on and around Hazle Street called him a hero.

“He did a great job. If it wasn’t for him, that child may not be here today,” said Jim Prato of Wilkes-Barre.

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