Video: Squirrel hinders Duluth woman’s mail delivery

Duluth, MN ( — Neither rain nor sleet nor snow or dark of night can stop mail delivery, but nothing was said about a squirrel.

"My mail man left me a note through her supervisor that the squirrel has been jumping over her head as she comes up to deliver my mail into the slot into my house," said Rebecka George who lives in the Lakeside neighborhood in Duluth.

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  • Megan Brennan

    That woman is a hero!

  • donny2805

    Go to Home Depot and buy a cheap rural box and pole, mount it by the porch in the front of the house, bottom steps. Solved. That nasty mail slot is obsolete anyway. Something tells me this woman will complain about the cost, can’t get to Home Depot, and doesn’t want to go outside for her mail.

  • hollywood

    Is her name Squirrelly Shirley ?

  • Roger Doger