USPS introduces 16 week course for new supervisors

From USPS News Link:

USPS has introduced a comprehensive training course for newly promoted supervisors, part of a broader effort to strengthen the postal workforce by helping employees hone their talents and skills.

The 16-week New Supervisor Program is required for new supervisors in areas such as Customer Service, Distribution Operations and Maintenance Operations. Classroom, on-the-job and virtual training is included.

“We want to provide all participants with the knowledge and experience they’ll need to succeed as supervisors and leaders of the Postal Service,” said Learning and Development Director Susan McKeen.

Topics addressed include management, communications, team building and effectively dealing with conflict. The program also trains participants in areas such as timekeeping, safety and labor relations.

“It’s been very educational,” said St. Paul, MN, P&DC Distribution Operations Supervisor Gregory Bell, who is now taking the course.

“It’s good to learn that some of the issues you face in your facility seem to be postal-wide. You may get an opportunity to help someone through a situation you’ve already experienced.”

via USPS News Link Story – Super training.

  • dcr

    Team building, good luck with that one! They may have some luck with the PSEs, PMRs, CCA, etc…. But the older workers which represents the largest percentage of the workforce, has bee ruined by management. You really think that someone with 29 or 35 years is going to buy this crap. We had empower the employee and all sorts of programs they have all failed. Until management really starts to care and listen to the employees, this is all meaningless stuff. FLUFF & Nutter! By the way, in management’s effort to screw offer the employee even more. They now have the custodial team cleaning coming on line in late 2015. This is when a “team” of custodians work together and clean the same area. That will be like herding ducks!

  • Otis

    The only things these new supervisors need to learn to advance their careers are:
    1. Lie
    2. Blame the craft/union for their failures.
    3 And most of all blindly go along with whatever stupid thing the District wants.
    Like we say in Hendersonville, NC ” It’s stupid but we are going to do it anyway”.

  • Donahoe

    BRILLIANT!! Let’s over train our clueless management employees but the actual crafts that do the work, nah they don’t need this

  • Turd Ferguson

    If you need 16 weeks to train Supervisors it’s time to close up shop…..but, this USPS and they have to spend tax dollars in the least efficient manner possible.

  • Holden Maloade

    The period goes inside the quotation.

  • Eric

    All these negative comments must cease. If we are to change the workplace, craft employees should stop complaining so much. Go to EAP.

  • Tony Clifton

    Just sixteen weeks to create a sub-moron? I guess it is not that impressive inasmuch as one starts with a moron.

  • DaFantomMailman

    I thought it was Donuthole?

  • Superdave

    Management does not have a lot of leeway in going along blindly with what the district says.

  • Joey Jo Jo jr Shabadooh

    I see no mention of training on the contract, labor relations or employee relations. These are the biggest areas of concern that I see. The employee will move the mail, you don’t need to train supervisors how to process mail. You need to train them on how to motivate people without yelling, screaming, badgering, or belittling them. The supervisors need to be trained on the contract and what it allows and does not allow.
    A good supervisor has the respect of his subordinates and will see their performance increase without classroom corporate speak.

  • BigBob

    Eric – get a clue: the only way the workplace is going to change is for the worse.

    You must be a 204b or above to think people working in a toxic environment shouldn’t be “complaining so much”.

  • Mr.Mailman

    The Postal Service is way overstaffed with Custodians,yet management continues to hire them.

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    We know history will repeat itself. The only ones who even want to become postal managers are usually losers, this has been the fact in the past, and will be the fact in the future. Those who have tried their hand at working in management in the past, including me by the way, have seen the toxic environment that exists in the EAS climate, and have decided to stick with being in the craft…selling your soul to upper management is not worth the extra pay and constant harassment from both above and below. No, go ahead, management, keep promoting those who have no skills or experience, no amount of schooling will change them.

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    You cannot learn to deal with people online.

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    No matter how much you scrub and polish a turd, you will still have a turd.

  • Bo Knows

    Few higher ups in management have legit degrees,attending business seminars or taking on line courses from the University of Phoenix becomes an MBA on their 991’s.

  • libbilee

    and you must be the biggest monkey in the zoo

  • libbilee

    Because the postal management is so irresponsible, all investigations about misconduct especially sexual harassment claims should be reviewed by authorities outside the post office. The Postal EEO serves to conceal it and discourage people from filing complaints. The acts are so blatant but since no one from the outside can get into the post office, it just continues.

  • libbilee

    yup, postal employees are spoiled to the point that work for them isn’t an issue. They go to work to create as many problems as they can. The post office is the worse environment possible to work in especially for women. It’s out of control. I would agree with the idea that management is incompetent. Supervisors don’t handle problems about really bad behavior and often add to it. Well paid employees, you would think, would be happy employees. NO, most do as little work as possible and create as many problems as possible. That includes management.

  • libbilee

    If I were head of the post office, I would shut down for 30 days while I fired all management that works in the post offices and facilities. While I was doing that, I would be hiring and training new ones to be good managers. Then I would renegotiate with the postal unions and make it quite clear employees would start earning their pay and they would not be allowed to act like kindergartners while on the job. Also, I would hire a string of lawyers specialized in employment law and I would have every employee fired who thought he was there for any reason other than to work. The attorney fees might be quite large but at least there wouldn’t be so many dead beats taking home pay checks.

  • libbilee

    The postal service is badly over staffed with people unwilling to work.

  • libbilee

    The problem with postal management is that most of them worked in craft before moving to management. So that just gave them sufficient time to develop a lazy negative attitude before becomeing a supervisor.

  • John Prine

    Sounds like someone has a bad case of sour grapes. You couldn’t handle being a supervisor, so it must be the “toxic” environment. How sad.

    Amazing that you know each and every manager in the US, though! Since you are so omniscient, and you know that managers 2,000 miles away whom you’ve never actually met, have “sold their souls” (careful- don’t want to use up all your cliches in one comment!), maybe you could explain something? How come hardly anyone ever quits the USPS to work somewhere else? If it’s such a living hell, why don’t you get another job?

  • joe

    You cannot train stupidvisors!

  • Ed

    Then grow a pair superdave!

  • Jokerswild

    It doesn’t matter how big a pair you have. A mandate is a mandate.

  • jalil

    People that complain is what makes a toxic work environment. Supervisors create a lot of tensions and so do workers who intentionally do sub standard work

  • Robert

    You are exactly right. It seems a lot of newer employees, 7 years or less, seem to to have no work ethic. Just let me do less for more money attitude. Not they way we were taught to carry mail 30 years ago. So that makes us old timers sick and tired

  • Roger Doger

    Let’s see, our newest supervisor was a CCA for 4-5 months. FT Carrier for about a year. And 204b during that time.

    While a 204b, a couple of rural relief carriers quit because they were “uncomfortable” around him.

    As a supervisor, with in a week he informed a rural carrier that she walked like an old lady. Then, he apologized and to solidify the truce, he wanted a hug. Then during the rural mail count period, he tried to hide Express Mail. Trying to shuffle it out the door with a rural relief carrier. Someone caught him, so all the carriers were able to have that mail counted toward their pay.

    The other day he tried to give a standup talk. He could barely read.

    His wife, a supervisor at another facility, was bragging about going out to help him deliver the mail so he could get done on time. Unauthorized individual delivering the mail. What a pair!

    In one of our other offices, there is a newer supervisor that also can not read off a sheet of paper.

    This place really knows how to attract quality employees.

  • Roger Doger

    When informed that she was violating the contract, our 15+ year supervisor said “I don’t care. File a grievance.”

  • Whit “Whitney” White


  • Whit “Whitney” White